Most powerful Magic In Wow Lore

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Briefly covering the various types and then giving my thoughts on the strongest one. So without further ado, let’s get into the lore. The most fundamental forces in the universe are the Light and the Void and are considered to be the oldest. It is said that their collision created the known universe, subsequently creating the other various forms of magic. From these 2, 4 new major sources were created which were a mix – nature, arcane, fel and necromantic magic. These magic tricks are similar to the Shaman names magic tricks.

From these, even more, were created although they are not that relevant as they are just parts of the others. Throughout history we have seen all of these energies in practice in every single possible scenario from battles to resurrections. Even though on the chart that Blizzard provided they seem really structured, there isn’t exactly an entity that controls who can use what and they are not all black and white. For example the Light can be used for both good and evil, while the shadow is not only evil but can be used for various purposes.

This is evident most recently with the void elves and the fanatical light draenei. However loosely they do have some sort of a structure. For mortals that are made from the light and are on the life side, very rarely – if ever is death magic or the fel positive in any way and the only times they can be used to work for us by manipulating them using it for whatever purpose. So to put it simply, all magic is neutral but each side has their own properties that works better for some.

For example demons work great with fel as they are by nature chaotic, for the old gods void magic is second nature, while for the titans or the mortals these can be incredibly corruptive and could entirely twist their form and existence. The most important point to note is that there is a major difference between how powerful a magic is and how effective it actually is. In my opinion fel and the void are the strongest at the sources, although I’d lean in more on the fel than the void. Also check- Triton names

Fel by itself is super chaotic by nature as it is native to the Twisting Nether and it is where the most unstable energies went when the light and the void clashed. Fueled by consuming souls and it can be incredibly destructive, literally destroying entire planets. At the same time though it is just as corruptive and every powerful user is completely twisted and more of a demon than whatever his previous form was. Just how potent it is is evident by the fact that the orcs had gotten incredibly stronger just by drinking blood of a single demon.

Because of this very few spell casters are able to output anything significant while remaining sane. For this reason, I believe that arcane ismore powerful. Not raw power wise but in terms of effectivness. Arcane is innately volotile as well but through precisions and concentration, it can be much safer and therefore more efficient. A trained mage could use a very powerful source  and be able to extract much of it and utilize it as a spell while remaining almost unchanged.

If a warlock does that proportionally it is entirely possible that he could destroy himself in the process. The Light is also a powerful form of magic,although there is a reason it is so often used for healing as it is not destructive by nature, even though it can be used for destruction. A common comparison to decide what magic is the most powerful is by comparing who did what and by that logic the Burning Legionwas defeated by the other various forms, therefore it isn’t as strong.

This wouldn’t be sound logic as the Burning Legion is an army that just utilized the energy and it wasn’t the energy itself. The leader was imprisoned, many demons defeated  but fel is fel and just remains as it did since the formation of the universe. Now before I would just end the video here but with the recent Shadowlands lore I think the balance of power has shifted. Previously death magic was seen as a part of the void and nothing really specific or special, usually just as a tool of the Legion,but with Sylvanas and the Jailer, there is so much potential that death magic could be the most powerful energy in the entire universe right now.

The shadow lands seems to be a realm of the dead connected to the entire universe which was previously balanced by the various factions,but recently the maw had gotten more and more powerful and the Jailer is most likely stronger than ever. Very little is known at the time, but we have seen Sylvanas utilizing this energy in such a powerful way with very little cost, but then again she is undead herself so this magic is native to her, similar to how a demon can’t really get corrupted by fel or an old god by the void in a way a mortal could.

Currently, I do believe that fel is the most powerful energy at its source as it is destructive and unstable, that the arcane is the most efficient and the most easily utilized in a safe manner but I do leave an open room for death magic to take over fels spot. I doubt it could take over the safeness and the efficiency of the arcane for life creatures as after all we are opposite of death, but with the maw and the jailer, raw power wise death remains a candidate for the most destructive and potent type of magic in the war craft universe.

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