Online Quran Learning: What Are The Salient Features Of Online Quran Reading?

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Online Quran learning is a type of distance learning platform where you can find the best Quran tutors. You are free to choose the timetable for taking classes without going to any mosque or madrassah. This type of virtual learning is very popular among Muslims dwelling in non-Muslim states such as Canada, the US, UK, Australia, New Zeeland, Germany, and other countries. All you have to do is to search for a good academy and set up a good internet connection. You need a mobile phone, tablet, PCs, or laptop for taking live classes. In this article, you will learn the different features of online Quran learning.

1# freedom of time and space:

Many people complain about the strict timetable of mosques or madrassah. Hundreds of learners never start learning new Quran courses because they do not have sufficient time. When you learn Quran from the online Quran academy, it gives you freedom of time and space. No traveling cost, no fixed schedule.

2# access to the world’s best scholars:

It does not matter where you live; online Quran teaching platforms brings you closer to certified Quran teachers. Even living in the UK, you can take classes from a Quran tutor in Egypt. Online Quran teaching academies hire teachers after taking tests and checking their credibility. They are skilled, professional, and degree-holders.

3# self-paced learning platform:

Online Quran tutors judge the learning skills of students and design a strategy accordingly. When you learn Quran from the online Quran academy, you never feel it like a burden. While in traditional learning style, teachers never pay attention on the mental capabilities of students.

4# one-to-one sessions via Skype:

The essence of online Quran learning is one-to-one sessions. There are many software; however, Skype is easy to use for both students and teachers. Download it from Apple or Play Store, set up an ID, and share it with your teacher. This type of platform engages students.

5# interactive lectures:

Online Skype Quran classes are effective and engaging. The tutors share multiple files and audio-video lectures with students through Skype. The online Quran tutors prepare interactive lectures to establish interest among learners especially kids.

6# affordable platform:

Online Quran learning is affordable than traditional learning. When you study in madrassahs, you pay a dual cost (traveling cost plus fee). On the other hand, online Quran teaching academies offer pocket-friendly packages to learners. You can select basic, standard, or premium packages according to your affordability.

7# availability of multiple courses:

Online Skype Quran classes provide the availability to learn as many courses as you want. The tutors of all disciplines are available. It has been observed that learners compromise on either quality or subject while learning from limited teachers available in madrassahs or mosques.

8# safe learning platform:

Distance Quran learning is safe and secure comparatively traditional learning. A number of cases have been reported in which kids suffer from torture or violence. Slapping, turning ears, using sticks for beating, and inappropriate language are some common issues faced by students. Onthe contrary, online learning is safe from such incidents.

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