5 Great Places to Visit in Kolkata

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Famously known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata boasts of an illustrious past. It draws crowds from all over the nation with its splendid architecture, marvelous art, and rich cultural heritage. The streets of the city are full of creativity and life.

Over the years, the vibrant city may have reinvented itself, but it still creates a perfect juxtaposition of new-age culture with the old colonial-era charm. If you wish to discover this beautiful city and need financial assistance, consider taking an instant personal loan in KolkataHere are the top five places in the city you can visit on your next trip:

Top Five Places to Visit in  Kolkata:

  • Victoria Memorial

This spectacular monument was built in the memory of Queen Victoria and spans across 57 acres of land. The white marble beauty boasts of 21 lush green gardens, 3900 artistic paintings, and 28,394 artifacts. The sixteen-foot tall bronze statue of victory at the top of the memorial further enhances the appeal and grandeur of the complex. The site looks the best at night when it is illuminated. Victoria Memorial is considered as the pride of the city and gathers almost 20 lakh visitors annually. 

  • Howrah Bridge

Built over the famous Hooghly River, Howrah Bridge connects the two major cities of Howrah and Kolkata. It is one of the most renowned landmarks of the city which features in the bucket list of many travelers. The bridge is regarded as being one of the ‘oldest and busiest’ in the world, carrying daily traffic of over 1,00,000 vehicles and countless pedestrians. Another attractive feature is the ferry ride from Launch Ghat that attracts crowds in large numbers. The view of the city from the ferry is mesmerizing, especially at night. 

  • Fort William

Located on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River, the mighty edifice of Fort William is spread over 70.9 acres of land. The structure displays many arch-like windows and overlooks lush green gardens. It acquired the name of the “black hole of Calcutta’ as it was once a temporary jail that held captives. Currently, it serves as the headquarters of the Eastern Command. Even though visitors are not allowed to see the fort from inside, they can view its admirable exteriors.

  • Park Street

Park Street is the most famous street in Kolkata. It is well-known for playing host to historical landmarks including old colonial mansions. There are numerous restaurants and entertainment outlets on the iconic street. In fact, the country’s first independent nightclub is located here. Even today, the street is a prime recreational and entertainment zone in the city with prominent hangout spots such as Moulin Rouge, Trinca’s, Mocambo, Blue Fox, and more. 

  • Belur Math

Belur Math is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and the Mission founded by Swami Vivekananda. It takes a 20-minute boat ride from the riverbank of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple down the river to Belur Math. The distinctive architecture of this quiet complex showcases a combination of Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist styles. This pilgrimage site is the ideal place to visit if you are looking for inner peace. The tranquil surroundings allow you to connect with your inner self. It is worth experiencing the evening ‘aarti’ ceremony for a complete spiritual experience.   

These are some of the best places in Kolkata that you can include in your travel itinerary. Let’s take a look at how you can arrange money for the trip. 

How to Arrange Money for your Trip to Kolkata?

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