Everything you need to consider while planning for the house extension

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When you choose to extend your home, it can prove fruitful in several ways and it gives you more flexibility to make the changes. But, while planning for the House Extensions Gerrards Cross you need to make sure that you consider everything so that the work goes smoothly.

Everything you need to consider while planning for the house extension

What should you consider before you begin?

  • Is your plan going to boost the value?

While going through the home improvement project, you must choose the plan in the right manner. In case, there is no problem with the money, then it is better that you take help from the local estate agent to help you plan everything correctly. With their assistance, you will get an idea about how much the value will increase and they can even help you with the budget you need to put in.

  • Planning permission and permitted development

In some cases, planning permission is not needed and sometimes you need to take assistance from the permitted development rights. Like, whether there is a single storey or double storey you need to be considerate about the height. Planning permission is needed when the extension is required to be done on more than half of the land as compared to the original house.

  • Building regulations

No matter what the project is, building regulations must be met. Whoever will do the work needs to be certified and they should know about what work they have to do. 

How to design the house extension?

  • Look for an experienced architect

There is no such law that you need to take assistance from the architect. But it will be a huge relief from your shoulders when you do that. The professionals can help you draw up the designs and the results which you will notice after their work will be way better than you expected it to be. To find out more about second storey extensions be sure to visit Supa Group.

  • Making your architect aware of everything

Now, to make sure the workflow is smooth and there is not much interruption on every step you need to tell the architect about everything. Like what you are looking for, how much you would like to pay, and will there be any penalties if something is not as per the set schedule. 

  • Get the structural engineer calculations

With the assistance of a structural engineer, you will be getting the information on calculations and technical drawings which helps to provide you building regulation approval and this will be used while doing the renovation work.

Choose the skilled and trained builder

  • Reliable and trusted builder

The key to notice the drastic improvement is only possible when you choose an experienced and professional tradesman. For that, you should check their website and see what type of services they provide. It will also give you an insight into what projects they have handled in the past.

  • Ask for quotes

When it comes to getting the quote, you should ask for at least 3 quotes from 3 different contractors. After that, compare what services each of them provides and how choosing a specific one out of the three will be beneficial for your extension project.

  • Calculate the budget

While planning, make sure that you consider how much you are ready to pay. Also, make sure that you keep at least 10% of the cost for unexpected expenses.

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