Pomegranate: 5 Amazing Benefits of a Seasonal Fruit

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The pomegranate season is in full swing, which means it is important not to miss this time and eat plenty of these incredibly healthy and tasty fruits. There are many reasons to pay close attention to garnet.

Try to add pomegranates to your menu at slightest once a month. There are many reasons for this, which we will discuss in more detail below. HOCHU.ua will reveal all the secrets of the “paradise apple”.

Useful properties of pomegranate

Increases hemoglobin

For anemia, utilize diluted pomegranate juice 0.5 bowls 3 times a day 30 Minutes before Meals for 2 Months.

Pomegranate seeds so Gently Reduce Blood Pressure in Hypertensive patients. Pomegranate membranes, dried and added to tea, will help calm down.

Increases the activity of hormones

Pomegranate seeds contain oils that rebuild hormonal balance in the body. Eat pomegranate with seeds if you suffer from pain and heavy flow during your period, headaches and menopause.

Disinfects mouth and throat

An aqueous decoction from the cover of a pomegranate or its juice is applied to gargle (with angina and pharyngitis), oral basin (with gingivitis and stomatitis). Dilute a quarter of a glass of freshly squeezed juice with boiled water at room temperature 1: 1 and rinse 3-4 times a day.

Replaces insulin

Pomegranate fruits are not only acceptable, but also useful for diabetics. To do this, drink 60 drops of juice 4 periods a day before meals. Earlier on the 3rd day, your blood sugar level insistence significantly decrease.

Removes radiation

Pomegranate juice is very helpful for everyone who serves with radioactive isotopes or lives in a district of high radiation. The juice should be drunk diluted, preferably still mineral water.

Heals the skin

With inflammatory processes of the skin 1 tbsp. brew a spoonful of chopped peel with 100 ml of water, strain and take 1-2 tsp. before meals 3 times a day. For oily skin, a mask of slightly toasted, crushed pomegranate peel with butter or olive oil will help. Store it in the fridge and apply it to your skin no longer than 2 times a week. And the preserved rind powder can completely treat burns, cracks, and scratches.

Expels worms

To get rid of parasites, insist 40-50 g of chopped bark in 400 g of cold water for 6 hours, and then simmer until half of the liquid evaporates. Strain the cooled food and drink in small pieces within an hour. After a moment, drink a specific, and after 4-5 hours, perform an enema.

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Stops diarrhea

Adults need to dry, chop the pomegranate bark and exert a pinch 3 seasons a day after meals, and for this faith, children can be given freshly compressed juice diluted in moiety with water.

Relieves inflammation

For various rebellious diseases (kidneys, liver, ears and eyes, joints, gynecological organs), a decoction of pomegranate bark assists. Prepare it like this: 2 tsp. Pour the chopped bark with 1 glass of hot water, boil in a water bath for 30 minutes, strain, and squeeze and dilute with boiled water. Take 50 g 2-3 periods a day for 30 times before meals.

Helps to lose weight

To do this, grind the pomegranate seeds in a mortar along with olive oil. This mixture should be consumed in 1 tbsp. 2 times a day before meals. The mixture reduces appetite, normalizes bowel function and helps cleanse it of toxins. The course of admission is 1 month. Then you can take a break for 3 weeks, after which you can resume the diet for 1 month. Thus, the weight loss in three months will be 7 kg.

Pomegranate peel includes a small amount of very toxic substances – alkaloids. Therefore, never exceed the dosage of peel-based decoctions. In addition, organic acids in pomegranate juice can severely erode tooth enamel. Therefore, always dilute the juice with water.

How to choose a pomegranate?

In a ripe fruit, the crust should be slightly dried and slightly tighten the grains. If the outside is smooth, the pomegranate was separated ahead of time. Pay attention to the “bottom” of the pomegranate – the place where the flower grew: there should not be any greenery. One last point: the pomegranate should be fixed to the touch. You can see how easy it is to peel a pomegranate in the video tutorial.

Pomegranate and walnut salad


  • Ingredients
  • 100gm Lettuce
  • 1 Pomegranate
  • 10 Walnuts
  • Dressing
  • A glug of Olive oil
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1½ tsp Dijon mustard


STEP 1: Catch the seeds from the pomegranate, exercising care to exclude all the yellow skin

STEP 2: Lightly crush the walnuts

STEP 3: Mix the olive oil, lemon sauce, plus mustard well

STEP 4: Swing the lettuce coats in the French stuffing, add the walnuts and certainly add the pomegranate seeds plus serve. You can read also Walnuts Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits at Trend Health

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