Prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction:

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Erectile dysfunction is a serious health condition that needs proper medical attention.

In individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction, there may be a problem at the cardiovascular, neurological, psychological, hormonal level or a combination of all, that doesn’t allow the subject to achieve an erection on sexual stimulation.

Most frequently associated with old age, but can also be due to other factors like unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, drug abuse or traumatic injuries, and some chronic systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus and renal dysfunctions. 


As already mentioned, the causes of erectile dysfunction and the risk factor associated with erectile dysfunction, it is quite obvious that prevention will include preventing those conditions and practices in one’s life.

  1. Health and fitness: A very efficient and proven way of preventing the occurrence of ED is controlling obesity because the triglyceride does not allow the release of testosterone that is an essential hormone for sex drive in males and secondly eating a healthy diet with a proper amount of carbohydrates and sodium will reduce the chances of high blood pressure and diabetes as well.
  2. Preventing hypertension: Keeping one’s blood pressure within normal limits can reduce the risk of ED, as hypertension can lead to vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow to the penile tissues hindering sufficient erection 
  3. Diabetes control:  Diabetes is another condition of concern that needs to be controlled.
  4. Smoking cessation: By quitting smoking gradually will lead to increasing the vasodilation property of the penile vasculature that can help in obtaining a healthy erection.
  5. Drugs and alcohol use: Reduction in using addictive drugs and alcohol is also a good way because it will prevent metabolic diseases and thus prevent ED.
  6. Active lifestyle: Regular exercise can improve the hormonal balance and keeps the body in a good metabolic state. 
  7. Stress management: Doing yoga and taking stress management sessions to fight anxiety and depression will not only subside the stress but also reduces antidepressant intake.


Treatment for ED may be in the form of medication, supplements, non-drug therapy, or a combination of these.


  1. Sildenafil: It is a drug commonly called Viagra, taken orally, and acts as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor to increase the blood flow by inducing vasodilation. 
  2. Intraurethral injection: Drugs with a brand name trimix and bimix are commonly injected into the penis that increases the blood flow to the penile tissue and hence induces an erection.
  3. Testosterone therapy: May be taken alone or in combination with oral sildenafil in cases of low levels of the hormone indicated by a blood test.

Note: For Treating ED you may utilize generic viagra online.

Non-drug therapy:

  1. Penis pump: A device used for mild ED, it works on the principle of vacuum and pulls blood towards the penis that makes an erection easier to achieve and maintain. It is less costly than surgery or medications but cannot be used in patients with anemia or taking anticoagulants as they can end-up in severe bleeding.
  2. Constriction ring: It is used along with the vacuum-assisted erection techniques sometimes to hold the blood within the penis for a long time sustaining a longer erection.
  3. Acupuncture: Not well supported by evidence, acupuncture however can improve erection by nerve stimulation mechanism and in rare cases is seen to help ED patients. But concerning safety, this is not ideally recommended.

Herbs and supplements: 

  1. Panax ginseng: It is an herb that is manufactured into a cream, it is effective for ED patients.
  2. Ginkgo: Another Korean herb with effects on blood viscosity is effective for ED.
  3. Zinc: Known to improves testosterone production also help in treating ED
  4. Vitamins: Vit-D also increases the production of testosterone improving sexual function in males.

Note: Individuals with erectile dysfunction must consult a doctor for their condition as soon as possible because self-diagnosis and treatment can result in lifelong consequences.

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