Ran Out of Hot Water? Causes and Fixes

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As you are about to take a good shower, horror … the water is frozen! The Scottish shower, you know? A hot water failure in your home can have several origins: an electrical problem, a defective or scaled part … Whatever the case, it is urgent to react! What are the causes of a hot water failure and what to do?

I no longer have hot water: why?

A hot water failure can have different origins, ranging from a simple electrical problem to a fault in a major part of your appliance ensuring its heating and distribution.

1. The origin of the fault is electrical

Beyond a failure directly related to your heating device, it is possible that your problem is of an electrical nature and that it concerns the power supply of your installation or that it is at the level of your electrical panel.

2. The pipe is charged with air

The hot water tank only heats sanitary water, and does not supply other equipment such as radiators. In the event of a hydraulic failure, it is quite possible that the pipe is filled with air and that this does not allow the flow of water into the tank. Also, the ball can also be the victim of a leak.

Boiler circulator problem

Generally, the hot water tank of your boiler is equipped with a temperature sensor. If it is defective or displays the wrong temperature, the boiler burner does not fire, which prevents the production of hot water. The replacement of this part by a professional is enough to allow you to enjoy your installations again.

The boiler circulator is a device designed to facilitate the circulation of water from the tank to your taps. Concretely, it is a small electric motor with a paddle wheel. Failure of this element can interfere with the distribution of hot water. To try to put an end to your worries, remove the central screw of the circulator and turn it in opposite directions to unclog it. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to have your circulator replaced by Plumber Allawah.

Water supply

The lack of hot water in your facilities can also be explained by the shutdown of the water supply. You just need to check the position of this cold water inlet valve. At the same time, check the 5 DHW domestic hot water cursor which is located on the regulator on your boiler’s dashboard.

On a boiler, the safety group has several functions. Located at the cold water inlet of the tank, it is intended to protect your water heater in the event of excess pressure, which limits the risk of explosion. Thanks to a non-return valve, it also prevents hot water from entering the cold water circuit. Finally, it allows you to drain your hot water tank if necessary. Leaks or shutdown of this group considerably reduce the production of hot water. To check if your safety group is functioning properly, open it by moving the valve a quarter of a turn. If nothing changes, contact a professional to have it replaced.

Temperature too low

It is possible that the temperature setting of your boiler is set too low. If you can access it directly, try increasing this temperature so that it meets your daily use needs. If you can’t, call a professional.

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