Reasons You Have Cockroaches in a Clean House

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A little over 10% of all households in America have a cockroach infestation. Many believe that maintaining and cleansing their home will ensure they never get them, but that is not always the case. So, why can you still have cockroaches if you have a clean house, and what can you do about it?

It might be best to learn about what draws them to a house and what environments they prefer, as it is not only refuse that attracts them. By the time you finish reading, you should understand what you need to do to remove them from your home.

What Are Cockroaches Attracted To?

Cockroaches are vermin that can live off of many different forms of refuse. Although in general they will often be drawn towards warm, wet places with strong scents. They prefer to breed here because it is much more likely they will find food for their young.

If left alone in such a location, they will start to multiply, quickly becoming unmanageable in their numbers. As such, you will want to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

The best way to stop this occurring is by ensuring you clean often and maintain your home to prevent anything “attractive” from bringing in pests. This will not only stop cockroaches but also many other vermin such as rats and ants.

Crevices in the House Structure

Cracks throughout the house’s building material can be a very inviting opportunity for any cockroach. These creatures are very hardy, after all, and will not see a problem with squeezing through the smallest entryways. This goes double if they feel warmth coming from the inside, or can smell food or waste.

Once a cockroach gets inside, it is much harder to remove it from your home.  They will then find a nice, dark, wet place to hide. If they are pregnant they will lay a great many eggs which will become a major problem for you in the coming months.

For these reasons, you need to stop cockroaches from getting in before they have a chance to multiply.

Look for any openings in your home’s walls. You can use materials like foam or caulk to block them up, stopping cockroaches from entering. Pay extra special attention to places around pipes or drains where there are more likely to be cracks.

Build-Up of Moisture

Cockroaches are not only attracted to wet places, but they need them to live. They will drink this water, keeping them hydrated so they do not dry out.

As such, you will often find cockroaches in places that become humid or wet throughout their use. Examples of these locations might be laundry rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. They might also find leaky pipes or loose windows that let rain in, meaning no room might be safe.

Go through your house and look for places where water might build up. Your home should not only be clean, but dry and free from unnecessary moisture. Also, make sure your home has enough ventilation to get rid of steam and excess humidity.

You do not need the home to be completely dry, but ensure you do not create an inviting environment for the creatures.

Food Left Out

Cockroaches will eat almost anything you leave out in your home. This includes not only whole pieces of food but also tiny crumbs. They will eat pet food without hesitation, and use spillages as a source of energy and moisture.

While they prefer sugary or starchy food, they are not too picky. They will even eat cardboard and paper should they find it and have no other preferred food source available.

When you populate your cupboards, you might do well to invest in plastic or glass containers. Anything airtight or hardy will help prevent cockroaches from accessing your food.

To prevent cockroach infestation, you will also want to keep food areas clean and tidy when not in use. This includes the kitchen, dining room, or any other areas you might want to eat snacks in.

Also, try to feed your pets during the day. Do not allow them access to food overnight, as you cannot keep an eye on it.

Clutter In the Home

Another way to prepare for the possibility of cockroaches is to make sure they have nowhere to hide. These insects like to cuddle up in dark and tight spaces, which might be moist or warm. These might include cardboard boxes, piles of refuse, or even stacks of laundry.

Cockroaches might even use these areas as safe spaces in which to lay their eggs. Nobody wants to find a clutch of eggs in their laundry, but it can be a regular occurrence in some situations.

Give your home a proper tidying to prevent this. Remove any piles of paper or cardboard, stacking or organizing them instead. You can also clean your wardrobe or closet, to check for infestations and also tidy up so there are fewer places to hide.

Visitors to Your Home

When you have new people over, you might get a few unwanted guests at the same time. These people might have infestations in their own houses and not even know it.

When you order food, even the cleanest restaurant might have a cockroach or two on a bad day. As such, be aware that the delivery driver might have an unwanted ride-along.

If you think you are in danger of picking up cockroaches from these people, ask them to inspect their luggage before bringing it into your home. Do the same with deliveries, such as food or parcel deliveries, too.

Got Cockroaches In a Clean House?

It is understandable if you are upset to learn that even a clean house can house these pests. Still, there are solutions. If the situation is untenable, remember you can always call pest control.

Remember, though, that there are always solutions you can investigate. If you want to know more about how to keep your home perfect, you can always check out our blog and find the information you need.

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