Should I say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to Bed rest after embryo implantation

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Among all the ART procedures, IVF is the most effective one. It is a 6-staged procedure. The last and the most important stage is that of embryo implantation. But it’s not yet over here. After embryo implantation, the patient must take care of herself or the embryo may fall out from the uterus.

Should I say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to Bed rest after embryo implantation

Here are some facts about embryo implantation:

No difference between the attachment of embryo either artificially or naturally

No doubt, the IVF procedure involves the artificial attachment of the embryo. But it surely does not mean that the uterus will accept the implanted embryo differently. No, it will not happen. Be it the conception through a natural process or an artificial process, the uterus will accept the embryo in the same way.

Bed Rest can’t increase the success rate of IVF

Because of the popularity and the faith of the people, the IVF procedure has gone through a lot of research. With all that evidence and the findings, it has been found out that none of the physical activities could fail the IVF. Also, bed rest is not suggested to the ‘IVF-Mothers-To-Be’.


What did the studies find out?

One study was conducted by an IVF Centre in Punjab on the two groups of the ‘IVF-Mothers-To-Be’.


First Group: Rested for a few hours

Second group: Moved around freely


Results: No significant difference was noticed between the two.


Opinion: The test tube baby cost of the mothers undergoing IVF would be different, but the results of the procedure are always going to be the same.


Does it cause a detrimental effect to lie on the bed all day long?

Bed rest must not be suggested to any person unless he or she is suffering from some serious problem concerned with the body deformation:


  • It can make you feel sick
  • If you lie on the bed all day long, despite the fact how healthy you are, you’ll start feeling sick.


An empty vessel makes much noise

When you have nothing to do and your mind is empty, then expect the stress and depression to be on the cards.


Does it not cause any detrimental effect on the embryo if I do any physical activity?

It won’t. Since the embryo gets attached to the lining, it cannot fall out unless you indulge in any strenuous activity like heavy weight-lifting or something else. The attachment of the embryo with the uterus is so not that fragile that it would slip out so easily.


Moreover, your After-Embryo-implantation Period must be following doctor’s advice

We have provided a generic piece of information. But the prescriptions and the advice are different in each case. Make sure you are asking the fertility expert to provide you with individualized advice, which is necessary to make it ascertain that you are taking good care of the embryo.



Congratulations, you are going to be a mother. Make this period as happening and happy as you can. But do not neglect the significance of self-care and pampering.

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