Rice Ddgs manufacturers in India

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GSK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rice Gluten across India. Extensively used as
primary feed by cattle and poultry industries nationwide, Rice Gluten Meal is the dried residue
from rice after starch removal and elimination of bran during the wet milling manufacture of rice
starch, syrup or glucose.

Rice Ddgs manufacturers in India
Rice gluten meal comprises of above average amino acid profile, requisite vitamins and high
protein content. Hence, it makes for an excellent option for animal feeds while minimizing
overall ration cost. It can effectively replace substantial portions of costly di-calcium phosphate,
corn, and soybean meal.
Benefits of Adding Rice Gluten to Animal Feed
Rice gluten supplies high protein content and amino acids to livestock as compared to other
traditional alternatives such as maize, soy meal, GNE, etc. At GSK Feed, we manufacture rice
gluten feed specifically to live up to exact nutritive needs of livestock. It helps the cattle develop
and improve their ability to fight against harmful viruses.
Rice Gluten – Nutritional Benefits

  • Excellent source of highly digestible protein owing to low amylase content.
  • High in amino acids and proteins making it an ideal feed option for livestock with corn and
    wheat allergies.
  • Rich in methionine, an amino acid needed for ample feathering, rice gluten saves additional
    cost of extra methionine supplementation.
  • Yeast fermentation product comprising of 3 and 5 per cent dried yeast cells supplying essential
    B vitamins offering palatability and improved feed consumption.
  • Free from rancidity and toxicity
    Our Rice Gluten Meal is approved as the best cattle feed source owing to:
  • High Digestibility
  • Longer shelf life
  • High nutritional value
  • Hygienically packed
  • No contamination
  • Toxicity free
  • Less Moisture
  • Corn Ddgs

With several years of industrial experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of High Protein
Rice Gluten to our clients. Our rice gluten and all of the other products are supplied in
hygienically packed bags.
Get in touch with us to know more about Rice Gluten or any other queries related to livestock


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