Role of Custom Pvc Patches, How to Wear Them on Clothing?

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Those who don’t know custom PVC patches are made of soft rubber. It makes them durable. These are the patches that are used as accessories for clothes. You can place them on hats, bags, shoes, and on any cloth. These OVC patches are gaining popularity quite quickly in the marker that the demand for embroidery patches is decreasing. The embroidery patches get damaged in water and in a harsh environment. But that is not the case with PVC patches.

The role of PVC patches is many, such as:

Perfect for brand label

You can use PVC patches as a brand label. People generally call them PVC labels. You can easily shape the rubber. Also, you don’t have to worry about the size. All the clothing brands have their own labels, and they put those labels on the cloth in different ways. PVC patches or labels is the way among many others. A small patch does a lot for the brand like it advertises the brand well. The good thing about these patches is that you can wash them without worrying that it will get damaged. Also, these patches come in various colors, so it is rare someone has to compromise. 

Used as an identity symbol

The PVC patches are also used as an identity symbol mainly by law enforcement agencies, such as police, military, or firefighters. They use these patches widely, as they didn’t get damaged so easily. Their job is tough, as they have to work no matter what the weather situation is. These badges are also used by schools widely, as it helps them to look different from others.

Where else can you use custom PVC patches?

The uses of these patches are many more. By reading above, many may think that these patches are only suitable for clothes or bags or hats, but no, it’s not. You can also use these patches on shoes. You can also use these patches as a sticker if you like. For example, you can get no drinking or smoking patches for your cars, or you can place these patches at your room door.

How to wear PVC patches?

It is very simple to wear a PVC patch. You can sew these patches on the cloth, or you can paste it too with the help of Velcro. It is rare that someone gets big size patches. Mostly they are small in size and sew or paste on the cuff of the shirt, collar, or on the chest. You can use these patches as zipper pulls too. It looks quite unique and attractive.

The PVC patches that are used as badge are big in size. They are mostly fixed in the shoulder, arm, or at a chest. You will not see them anywhere else on the uniform because these are the only visible places. Also, the role of PVC badge is one, people able to see it from a distance.

These patches are also used as accessories. Brands use these patches to decorate the clothes, shoes, or other things. The patches that are small in size are normally placed on the front, and the patches that are big in size placed on the back of any garment.

Are PVC patches expensive?

Many think that spending on these patches is quite expensive. But in reality, the price is quite reasonable. For your surety, you can check the price of these patches by contacting multiple companies; you will able to know which price is right according to your budget.

One thing everyone must know is that the price of each badge depends on the size of the design mainly. As the size will increase, the PVC patch price increase too. The good thing about these patches is that they stay the same for a very long time, so spending once shouldn’t be an issue for anyone. Lastly, the durability of the patches depends on the company too. So, make sure you hire the right company such as Embroidery Custom Patches.

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