Services provided by an accounting firm in China

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 Services provided by an accounting firm
Services provided by an accounting firm

A variety of services are being provided by accounting firms. The scope of services provided by accounting firms varies according to their knowledge, skills, and experience. Some common services are final account preparation, external audit, tax services, management advisory services, and accounting system design.

External audit:

The external audit is one of the primary services provided by accounting firms. It primarily focuses on a critical examination of financial statements by an independent CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for the purpose of expressing opinions on the fairness of the content of financial statements. Instead, the CPA statistically reviews the sample of records. Then, the CPA prepares an audit report. This report is essentially a formal opinion or disclaimer, issued as a result of an audit or evaluation provided by the auditor. However, it should be noted that this does not include all the accounting records assessed.

Independence must be maintained by the auditor. Therefore, his client should not be an employee of the company. It is very important for an external auditor to know the various provisions regarding the independence of an auditor. Otherwise, the audit opinion will be questioned.

Tax service:

Also, accounting firms operate various tax services. Accountants prepare clients’ income tax returns (ITRs), business and transfer taxes. In this setup, the accountant represents the client in tax assessment and investigation. It requires that tax accountants constantly influence their clients with dynamic tax laws, BIR regulations, and local tax laws so that tax accountants can give proper advice on tax reduction. Also, knowledge of tax provisions serves as a guide for tax accountants to prepare income tax returns of their accountants and other information is submitted to the concerned office like the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Managing Advisor Services:

Similarly, an accounting firm may also provide managerial advisory services. Management Advisory Services assists management in providing assistance. Typically, accountants provide industry advice to their clients about finances, budgets, business policies, and organization methods, systems, product costs, distribution, and other business activities.


Budgeting involves efficient management of cash by predicting or predicting future financial goals. Periodically, the accountant reviews the actual flow of cash that it should have. Differences are carefully analyzed to determine possible causes, whether it is a favorable or unfavorable scenario and how it can be controlled. Why this kind of analysis is being done is to improve the accuracy of estimates and narrow the gap between budgeted and actual performance.

Accounting system design:

An accounting firm can also provide accounting system design services. This includes an assessment of the company’s control system to find out areas for improvement. An accountant who works as a system analyst designs the accounting form and installs the accounting China methods for collecting the accounting data. This may include setting up a customized computerized accounting system for the client’s firm.

Public accounting is China’s territory

Public accounting firms are extremely helpful in helping your business succeed. They provide a variety of services in multiple areas of trade and can be a great resource in terms of business support. Although these large public firms are very diverse, they mainly specialize in three specific areas of business.

  1. Advisory services. In the current business market, many companies are facing short-term problems such as cost reduction, inventory management, and overall improved skills. Advisory services not only help balance these issues but also focus on long-term growth and prosperity. The advisory team will come to a client’s business and actually take an overall look at the general activities. Keeping in mind the company’s goals for both the short and long term, professionals will see what is working and what is not. The advisory team usually consists of professionals who each have different backgrounds so that they can give the best advice on all aspects of your activities.
  2. Guarantee service. For publicly traded companies, this is one of the most important services provided by an outside firm. Assurance is important for the well-being of a company and helps investors and supervisory boards provide clear and necessary financial statements. Public accounting firms take pride in their assurance staff as they audit the largest and fastest-growing firm in the world. They have experience in a variety of industries and know what to look for when it comes to auditing your business. Also, public accounting firms do not like to express qualified or unfavorable opinions, so they will try their best to work with you so that your company can get ineligible or “clean” audit opinions in the final report.


  1. Tax service. In today’s business world, maintaining a well-organized foundation requires a strong and sustainable tax plan. To achieve this, an approach that integrates all aspects of the business is essential. Public accounting firms provide some of the best tax services available and can help develop business-friendly strategies. These tax teams advise your company on planning as well as compliance matters so that you always comply with the guidelines of your local tax authority. Public firms hire some of the top candidates in the tax field who have extensive knowledge of specific laws related to both your business field and your local law.


Although public accounting firms provide many services, the three listed above are usually the most widely used. These companies are a great resource for any business and can provide much-needed support in times of uncertainty.

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