Every Type Of Shorts You Should Be Wearing This Summer

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It’s that time of the year when most of us have to choose between khaki shorts and summer trousers. After all, not every guy feels confident in a garment that falls short (excuse the pun) of covering the entire leg. Shorts are reliable staples to wear in countries like Ecuador, Argentina, and New Zealand due to weather conditions.

Of course, you can go for tailored shorts if you are someone who doesn’t like to experiment with different clothing options. One thing which is beyond comprehension is why some guys prefer to stick to the same old, boring designs! Come on folks, it’s 2021. No one is going to judge you for skipping leg day.

But before you go all Hulk-mode and start messing up your wardrobe, take a look at these highly recommended shorts this summer:

Cargo Shorts

If my memory serves me right, cargo shorts were the staple wear during the brilliant summers of the eighties and nineties. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Once the de facto ruler of summer wears for men, cargo shorts endured a grim fate when they got paired with slogan tees and shabby shoes. Ok, that was just plain offensive! How could you do that to the king of shorts?

I think I should stop being dramatic and introduce you guys to the cargo shorts version 2.0. The latest model is leaner as compared to the buffed-up version. It also doesn’t have the excessively large pockets that were incorporated into the original khaki shorts. I often wonder who came up with this pocket-sized idea.

Now onto the overall wear. You can wear cargo shorts with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Make the most use of your clothing sensibility while going for cargo shorts. Be minimalistic. Think sharp. Not Bear Grylls knife sharp.

Vintage Sports Shorts

We are going back to the days of Maradona and Michael Jordan. Looking at the pictures of these legends will illicit quite an overwhelming emotion. And that’s for sure. Either you’ll be flabbergasted by the sportswear of the day or wish you could go back to watch the athletes play in their prime (without minding the exposed hamstrings). If you belong to the latter category then on behalf of all the millennials, I salute you.

The good news is that you do not have to visit a retro wear shop to get several pairs of vintage sports shorts. The fashion gods know that you’ll always be the eighties and nineties kid at heart and they have inspired designers to bring back the classics. Complement the garment with an oversized T-shirt and a pair of shoes. If you’re a retro fanatic, bring out your good old skate shoes and voilà, you’re a city hunter.

Denim Shorts

Many find denim shorts to be lazy summer wear. It may be the last option on your shortlist (never mind the pun), but it has its charm. You need not think of it as a summertime snooze fest. It’s better than that. After all, it’s All-American. When it comes to style, you may want to try denim shorts with a Cuban collar shirt. Wear it with a T-shirt and you’ll probably get mistaken for a man-child on a summer holiday.

An important rule to follow while trying shorts is that you shouldn’t go for stuff that’s a tight fit. Sure, it sounds cool and all that. You will not want to exert pressure on your pelvis but being too uptight about your short choice. Long or Bermuda shorts, on the other hand, may look like you’re wearing pedal pushers. The key is to leave enough room for your skin to breathe.

Printed Shorts

If the authorities were to set a dress code for beaches, printed shorts would be mandatory. This garment is unique in that it offers no mid-point on the taste continuum. It is either fully dotted or has some unique patterns to add to its existing charm. The garment looks like it is manufactured for people interested in taking long walks among the greens. It perfectly captures the aesthetics of colorful and vibrant Nature.

Looking to wear the garment without grabbing too much attention? Get the solid stripes or abstract camouflage print. If you think that’s too much, you can go for the much quieter version that comes with micro imprints. You can also get customized printed shorts. For the shirt, opt for an Oxford or an open collar polo with a pair of black loafers, and you’ll nail the look.

Short Shorts

I swear this isn’t a pun. Short Shorts is the name of the garment. And before you say it, short shorts and hot pants are two different types of garments. The length of short shorts extends down to mid-thigh. Short shorts look good with an Oxford shirt (the one with the long sleeves), some white sports socks, and a pair of old-school sneakers.

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