Simple steps to overcome Premature Ejaculation?

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Men and women want to enjoy their relationship hour happily with mutual understanding in their body and mind. This mutual understanding will keep their mental and physical health in a good condition.  Most of the time, men and women want to engage with each other for long hours in bed.

Trouble In relationship

In relationships between men and women, lots of them are not able to reach their high peak relationship pleasure due to so many reasons. One of the main reasons for losing their relationship pleasure is advanced or premature ejaculation. During their intercourse hour, men are ejaculating their semens within a minute. This action will slow down or stop the relationship performance. This issue makes the couples relationship hour into vain and pain. Lots of couples are seeking a good solution to overcome this relationship trouble. 

Reason for Advanced Ejaculation

Before going to know the solution for advanced or premature ejaculation, we should know some of the reasons for this health issue in men’s relationship life. 

  1. Following bad habits in daily life.
  2. Watching Porn films
  3. Doing Masturbation more times in a week or day.

How to overcome Advanced Ejaculation

Lots of couples are getting confusion, how to overcome this health issue. Many men are getting shy about sharing their weaknesses with others. Some couples are getting frustrated during their relationship hours. Avoid this problem from men’s relationship life, women should cooperate with their partner is also an important thing.

Super p force for men

Men are eager to overcome this issue from their relationship life in a quick way, so they are seeking remedy to cure this issue in a fast way. In the medical world, so many branded and generic medicines are available to cure this health issue. Online Super p force 100mg for men is the good option to avoid advanced ejaculation problems. This pill starts action within an hour. This pill contains dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate chemical compounds. Both of these compounds are playing a vital role in man’s body. Sildenafil citrate compounds encourage erection power in men’s reproductive organs, dapoxetine chemical compounds give more penetration power to continue intercourse process without getting any tiredness. This medicine can stand in a man’s body for more than a day. 

Wear Condom

Men who are not going to finish their intercourse process in a quick way, they can use condoms in their reproductive organs before going to start penetration. This will help to increase the intercourse performance time. 


Doing simple workouts will surely help to avoid advanced ejaculation problems. Commonly do simple exercises like walking, running and swimming. Regularly doing pelvic floor muscles exercise will helps to delay ejaculation.


The above mentioned methods will surely give good results, at the same time, men who want to follow medicine treatment; they should seek doctor help. Few men are getting some side effects after using a huge number of pills at a time. Mutual understanding between couples is a need one to overcome this issue.

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