Six Essential Tips to Pick an English-Speaking Course

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It is a tough task to master Spoken English if you are an adult non-speaker. This becomes worse if one does not take up a good Spoken English program like an English speaking course online.

The majority of spoken English courses focus only on teaching grammar and vocabulary, which force students to memorize much without practicing speaking. In fact, there are some courses claiming to be ‘Spoken English’ courses but in reality, are general English courses which train students only to read and write.

In some courses that train hundreds of students, they don’t offer the opportunity to students to talk and communicate in English. Selecting the right Spoken English course is a critical decision that could help save money, energy, and time. Following are some tips for the same:

Fun Versus Rigour

The most effective way to learn speaking English is to take an active role in lessons and have fun. Hence Spoken English courses must encourage students to be active lest they forget what they learned. The most fun way to learn is through a blended mode of interactive lessons, entertaining social activities, and plenty of opportunities to speak English. By indulging in interesting activities, one can learn effectively and quickly.

Online Course Versus Offline Course

This is an early decision to take, whether one likes an offline or online course for learning spoken English. The best benefit of an online Spoken English course is that it allows one to get the services of a native English teacher who may not be in the same physical location. With progress in technology and the availability of free video-conferencing tools like Skype, it is quite easy to practice spoken English with a native English speaker from the UK or USA.

Additionally, online courses permit the flexibility to learn English without leaving one’s room. English lessons conducted on platforms like Skype also result in reduced expenses as they are cheaper than classroom teaching.

But the benefit of offline courses is that one can meet one’s teacher in person. In case one is a basic or elementary level student, such personal contact will have special value.

One-On-One Course or Group Course

How does one learn best? In a group or one-on-one? The majority of Spoken English learners tend to thrive mostly in one-on-one classes. The primary reason is that one-on-one lessons provide more chances to students to practice their skills for speaking in English. Hence, when selecting a Spoken English course, consider whether it is conducted in a group setting or one-on-one. Naturally, one-on-one lessons tend to cost more, but it could be the ideal way to enhance skills of spoken English, the fastest way.

Native English vs. Non-Native English Teachers

If one’s objective is to speak English with perfect pronunciation and accurate grammar, one must ideally select a Spoken English course conducted by a native English speaker. In case one wishes to hone a specific accent (American or British English), one must opt for a native English-speaking teacher hailing from the related country.

Once formed, aspects like pronunciation and accent are tough to correct. Hence, beginning classes with a teacher who is a native speaker of English is the perfect way forward in case one’s objective is to improve such aspects. Note that most Spoken English courses that feature native English- speaking teachers are conducted online, so one must be ready to use tools like Skype.

Alternatively, it will be easier to find a local non-native English speaker who will also be much more affordable. In case one is enrolling for Spoken English classes that employ non-native English teachers, ensure that one is satisfied with the lessons’ quality. Wherever possible, enrol for a trial lesson. Additionally, if spoken English classes are helmed by non-native teachers, spend additional time listening to native speakers of English on platforms like and YouTube.

Certification vs. Conversational English

There are various kinds of courses in Spoken English. Certain courses offer diplomas and certificates without teaching students to speak English fluently. There are some courses that focus on preparing for exams like IELTS and TOEFL. Then there are courses that train one in conversational English.

Prior to joining an English course, ensure that one identifies one’s core objective. Does one desire a certificate or want to speak English fluently. In case one’s goal is to master conversing in English, ensure that one joins a course that is conversation-based and provides opportunities to conduct real discussions in English.

Note that to be fluent in English; one must ideally practice conversing with native English speakers. Therefore, a course that trains one only in vocabulary and grammar will not be adequate.

Fluency vs. Grammar

In case the Spoken English course is heavily focused on the basics of grammar, it is ideally suited for English speakers of elementary level. After one learns the basic rules of grammar and has mastered a vocabulary of 500 words, one has to stop grammar lessons and concentrate on speaking English. Such a process is the only way to gain fluency.

In sum, it is a big decision to enrol for English speaking course online or offline. Weigh all the above factors prior to deciding on the course so that one can save money and time.

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