Six International Human Rights Organizations

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The universal declaration of human rights that was created right after World War II laid down a general framework for the organization of human rights as a set of critical guidelines. The document is a globally accepted declaration, which, in essence, is based on the idea that humans enter the world with certain innate rights that cannot be compromised under any circumstances. For instance, all humans have the right to dignity, to live, to work, to make their own decisions, and to be able to hold individualistic opinions.

While these rights might appear to be obvious, however, the fact that we have a written and approved set of guidelines in a single document makes matters easier for us. There are several unfortunate events where we get to exercise the significance of human rights. There are many organizations across the globe dedicated to providing safety and human rights protection to victims of atrocities and to those who are at the receiving end of natural disasters. Humanitarian assistance in emergencies are dedicated their efforts to reach out to the people who are stuck in affected localities and remote areas. Here, we have put together a list of some of the most prominent

  1. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global organization comprising of over seven million people who do not hold a particular political philosophy, economic or religious preferences, and they are individuals who take injustice seriously. Amnesty International holds global campaigns spreading support and awareness all over the world.

The major duties of the organization include holding seminars and awareness campaigns, doing research, petitioning and advocating human rights, and performing actions when required. The employers of the organization are responsible for carrying out extensive research, gathering insight into the relevant facts, human rights, and any acts of violation that may involve powerful bodies or the government itself. Once it has been established that there is something that needs immediate attention, strategies are devised dedicated to addressing the violations.  

  • Civil Rights Defenders

Origin of the Civil Rights Defenders is traced back to 1982 when it started in Sweden as an independent association, with the major aim being to safeguard the political and civil rights of the public and also to assist the human rights advocates in voicing their intuition. Civil Rights Defenders are currently operating in some of the most reverting parts of the world. They are working alongside their local partners while paying attention to bringing change and invention.

Civil Rights Defenders operate by conducting campaigns and practice advocacy and litigation. As a result, the organization offers expertise and assistance to the human rights defenders so that the perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions.

  • Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a global human rights organization that follows up on the cases of abuse exploiting human rights across the globe. At the moment, it is a team of approximately 450 individuals, a majority of whom are local experts, journalists, lawyers, and human rights advocates. The organization uses its influence to reach out to the influential parties, armed forces, the government, and large business enterprises, pushing them to make the much-required alterations to their current rules and policies.

Being an independent body, Human Rights Watch does not accept any corporate or government aid and funding. There are researchers involved who are responsible for shedding light on the cases of human rights violations. After uncovering the facts, the organization then circulates the gathered information to thousands and millions of people across the globe to optimize their reach.

  • Global Rights

Global Rights is a global humanitarian non-government organization that was created in 1978 in Washington. Currently, the organization is seated in Nigeria. It is working alongside the local partners in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to develop campaigns that advocate and protect the basic rights of the relegated populations.

The organization operates by creating opportunities for marginalized communities and create channels for participatory governance. It also trains and counsels other similar organizations to document and highlight the human rights violations. The major focus of the organization is on problems like women’s rights, natural governance, inaccessibility of justice, and protection of human rights.

  • Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is an international non-profit organization that protects and advocates for human rights, with the major focus on the closed civilizations. The organization follows in the path of the guidelines and rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, according to which every individual is entitled to freedom of speech and choice.

The Human Rights Foundation collectively operates a team of dedicated individuals intending to defend human rights and advocate for the liberal democratic principles. It offers a platform to the human rights defenders worldwide and makes sure that there is a sufficient degree of awareness regarding freedom and human rights.

  • Human Rights House Foundation

The Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) is a global human rights association that is dedicated to protect human rights and to empower the human rights advocates to extend their outreach and spread awareness. HRHF serves as a channel of connectivity for different non-profit organizations that then work collectively to promote human rights in their homelands and abroad.

The organizations that are under the umbrella of the Human Rights Houses function independently. However, they do share insights, solidarity, and expertise when working collectively on human rights problems. It, therefore, acts as a center for these non-government organizations, together with working on matters like awareness campaigns, advocacy, and human rights protection.

The work and tireless efforts of these dedicated humanitarian organizations get credited properly. We should make ourselves familiar with these important non-government organizations that are putting extensive efforts into making sure that people become more and more aware of human rights and the actions taking place around them. As civilians, all of us can do our part to make a collective difference in the world.

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Lea Roberts has been working as a humanitarian and human rights activist for the past twenty years. He has been providing humanitarian assistance in emergencies and is dedicated to popularizing the dire need of human rights protection and freedom advocacy.

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