Some Ideas on Stylish Bathroom Countertops

Stylish Bathroom Countertops
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When you are looking at options and ideas for modernizing and renovating your bathroom one of the choices you need to make is what material you want for your bathroom countertops, Bayville and elsewhere. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Marble countertops

Marble might be a less popular choice in the kitchen because it does not do well if they are well used, but in the bathroom, it can work beautifully. You can get the cheaper option of cultured marble and you can also look at onyx too. This is translucent and people are drawn to the glow it achieves. Marble comes in different colors and is great for creating something elegant using bathroom countertops Egg Harbor or where you are.

Wooden countertops

This is something a lot of people would say is not a good idea because everyone knows wood does not do well in a moist and humid environment like the bathroom. But there are exceptions you just need to use certain woods and make sure they are treated. Teak, Brazilian Epi and Rosewood are oily and dense and will be fine. Harder Maple and Oak woods need to be treated but can also work. Bamboo is technically a grass not wood but would also work though it needs sanding and varnishing to prevent the little splinters that occur.

Laminate countertops

A lot of people choose plastic laminate because it is affordable and it is a good option for this part of the home. But the problem can be that moisture gets into the layers and that can cause some separation as it expands. It is also not scratch resistant so be careful with sharp things on the counter and encourage your children to take care with these types of bathroom countertops Bayville.

Granite countertops

Granite is more expensive than some of the other options but you get that money back because when kept sealed it lasts a lifetime. It is attractive, you can have different finishes for the surface and more edges to choose from than the plastic option. It is a natural stone which some people prefer and the graining and veins are something a lot of people love.

Glass countertops

Glass does not have to be thin and fragile, indeed it is not that when chosen for your bathroom countertops Egg Harbor. It can be cut into different shapes, be given different edging and comes in different tints. You can also choose to layer pieces to create something more unique. Always make sure the supplier tempers the glass so it is break-resistant though this does not mean it is unbreakable and it might be best in a bathroom where smaller children are not in and out and banging on it and such. It is possible with glass to have a template made so you can see what it looks like before the piece is cut. This is a good way to make sure the size and shape is just right before the glass cutting starts.

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