5 Rewarding Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Sports Injury

sports injury
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There’s nothing like an injury to bring your sporting life to a screeching halt.

Recovery can often be long and slow. Yet there are things you can do to speed it along, allowing you to get back in the game sooner and offset the mental and physical challenges that accompany an injury. Physical therapy is among the methods you can use to shorten your sports injury recovery time.

Not sure how it can help? Here are five rewarding benefits of physical therapy after a sports injury.

1. Reduce Your Pain

One benefit of physical therapy is that it can help reduce your pain. With a reduction in pain, you can stay more comfortable while you are healing, and dull the psychological impact of an injury.

Managing your pain can also make it easier to rehab your injury and get back to your sport. Pain is a major physical and psychological barrier that can otherwise impede your progress and keep you out of commission that much longer.

2. Improve Your Range of Motion

Improving your range of motion after an injury can help you heal faster and get back to your sport sooner.

Physical therapy with the likes of Pure Physio can help improve your range of motion by keeping your joints and muscles limber, and by helping you perform exercises that improve your flexibility.

This can help to reduce the stiffness often associated with a healing injury.

3. Prevent Further Injury

Physical therapy can also help by reducing your chance of further injury. By strengthening the muscles and joints around your injury, physical therapy can help stabilize the area.

That’s crucial when you’re trying to return to your sport as reinjury is one of the biggest risks standing between you and your former activity level.

4. Restore Your Confidence

A physical therapist can also help restore your confidence, which is an undervalued component of performance.

By bolstering your confidence, physical therapy can help you return to your sport feeling strong and capable. That can make all the difference in your ability to perform at your best, so you can get back on the horse (literally or otherwise) quicker.

5. Systemic Health Improvements

We often think of our bodies as acting in disconnected ways, but the truth is that it’s all one system. An injury can cause systemic health problems that reach beyond the site of the injury. Even a negative outlook after an injury can influence your health.

With the physical and mental benefits of sports therapy, you can combat these systemic effects and help your body heal in a big-picture way.

For example, physical therapy can improve your blood circulation, which helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It can also help to improve your immune system function. With possible mood improvements, too, you can start to see how it all joins up.

Dealing With Your Sports Injury With Physical Therapy

A sports injury can feel like the end of the world — especially if you’re a competitive athlete. But physical therapy could be the reminder you need that your body is resilient and will heal. It could be just what you need to shorten your sports injury rehab time and get back to the action.

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