Test To Release For Lessening the Post-Travel Quarantine Window

Test To Release For Lessening the Post-Travel Quarantine Window
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While things are getting back into normal slowly, self-isolation without an infection is simple a waste of time. Considering the urgency of people to get back into work UK government has decided to bring back the post-travel quarantine test.

With this Test to Release the self-isolation window can be reduced to 7 days from whopping 14 days. But for that a negative test report of Corona virus is mandatorily needed. But before it’s come to force let’s check how is it going to work and benefit the people who arrive UK from foreign lands.

How it functions?

At first, you have to order home testing kit for COVID-19 online which will be delivered specially at your doorstep on 4th day of self-quarantine. In UK the delivery is done on 5th day of isolation so that there is no chance of any false negatives.

You will collect the sample by using the cotton swab from the back of your throat and nose (as per instructions) and send it to the laboratory by a prepaid envelope. 

Why the person has to wait for 5 days to get tested?

An incubation period of 5 days is arranged for the travellers to test for Corona virus. In these 5 days the active infection can get figured out easily and accurately with the help of COVID-19 test.  

When the person will be released from quarantine?

If you receive a negative test report for Corona virus then self-isolation period can be put to an end. With Priority Test, the expected delivery of the report is within 24 hours as it sends the accumulated sample to the laboratory immediately for analysis. However, the Standard Test ensures the delivery within 48-hour. So you have to wait for one more day to get freedom from self-isolation window.    

What if the person found as positive?

Self-quarantine window has to be completed if a person is found as COVID-19 positive. However, the time window may get lengthy on the basis of your clearance from symptoms of Corona virus.

If there is no symptom then also you have to practise a 10-day self-isolation period to get tested and set free. For the symptomatic and asymptomatic positive cases additional 10 days quarantine time frame is there to stop the transmission of the infection.

Does a detailed report will be sent to the patient?

Once analyse is done with your sample and report becomes prepared, the patient can download it from secured online Patient Area easily. It will comprise of the   personal information shared by you along with the detail of the test report. It acts as the evidence to stop self-quarantine legally. Otherwise, you have to continue with it if you are indicated as positive.

When the test will get available?

As per Government embassy, the Test to Release will be come into force from 15th of December 2020. Every bit of information related to the test can be found on the website. Just keep an eye on it.

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