The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant

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The COVID 19 pandemic has pushed virtual sales assistants to the forefront of the industry more than ever before. While it has been popular for some time now, the outbreak and subsequent quarantine made employing virtual assistants more beneficial.

Virtual assistants offer many benefits. That includes the ability to do manual activities like data entry, sending emails, following up with prospects/leads, and so on. They also help you organize and manage your sales funnel.

Skilled as they may be, a virtual sales assistant should not take the place of your organic sales team. They can, however, bolster your efforts.

Tasks Virtual Sales Assistants Often Fulfill

The tasks VAs can do vary from company to company. In one, they might be assigned to cold calling and follow-ups, while elsewhere, they may be responsible for taking over leads from your salesforce. They may qualify customers and advance them along the pipeline till they are ready to become a buyer. Based on your business, capability, and requirements, the list of duties and responsibilities may vary.

Here are some everyday tasks any VA should be confident to handle:

  • CRM Updates – A competent VA may be placed in charge of manual data entry, ensuring that your CRM contains up-to-date data on your current leads.


  • Social Selling – It is well recognized that social selling is a complex and challenging approach. However, virtual assistants may take over this task. They can assist you in developing connections via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They may save your salespeople time by engaging with prospects directly on these channels and forwarding leads as they go down the funnel.


  • Cold Outreach – Establishing your cold calling efforts may be delegated to a virtual sales assistant. That involves establishing alternative domains, getting warmed up your emails, producing content, building email drip campaigns, and scheduling appointments.

The Benefits You Can Enjoy from Virtual Sales Assistants

Take a closer look at how virtual sales assistants may help your organic sales staff succeed:

  1. Increased Support to Your Internal Salesforce

Every lead commences as ‘cold.’ Without the proper data, careful follow-up, and CRM records, the lead may quickly become a missed chance. On the other hand, a busy salesperson doesn’t always have the opportunity to look for data on every lead, keep a constant record of notes, or manage to do follow-ups as required.

This is where a VA comes into play. They may assist in converting cold leads into warm leads, which are much simpler to convert. You can even delegate the essential job of setting up your cold outreach efforts to a virtual sales assistant. That involves setting up alternative domains, warming up your emails, generating the content, establishing email drip campaigns, scheduling appointments, and more.

2. Fewer Expenses Than Hiring Additional Full-Time Employees

VAs improve your bottom line because you can employ someone on an hourly basis. It saves you money on benefits, other allowances, and taxes. Even if you hire someone on a monthly basis instead of an hourly rate, they will still cost less!

3. Greater Ability to Work Remotely

Most virtual assistants have broader experience working from home. Unlike full-time workers who are presently trying to learn how to remain motivated while working from home, VAs do not need to be trained from the ground up. That will save you time when coaching workers who are attempting to adjust to a work-from-home environment. Furthermore, you won’t have to bother about providing equipment such as PCs, laptops, and printers, since most VAs already have a complete working setup at home.

4. Freedom to Scale When Needed

By hiring virtual sales assistants, you can expand your workforce anytime you want. That will save you the time and effort of shortlisting applicants, holding numerous job interviews, arranging space in your office, and stressing about onboarding. Due to the sheer number of customers and projects they have worked on in the past, experienced VAs are also usually incredibly versatile and able to understand your company and procedures quickly.

Final Thoughts

If you go hiring a virtual sales assistant, it will aid you in the conversion of leads and the acquisition of new customers. Your sales team becomes more effective and productive by delegating small but time-consuming activities. In business, ROI is sometimes measured in terms of time. Furthermore, since improved sales performance results in increased income, it ensures that you will achieve your monthly targets.

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