The Beauty Essentials You Must Have At Your Office Desk

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Being an office going woman is tough but it becomes a little more hectic to maintain that beautiful pampered skin. When you have to go to the office daily, you might skip doing your hair or makeup at times and that’s absolutely normal. Beauty and skincare products come in a variety of ranges and keeping a trace on every new brand that’s available in town is not everybody a fan of. 

Whether you have been working for years or you are a newbie, some makeup or beauty essentials are a must to keep at your office desk. This is because you don’t know what could go wrong and being prepared is the best you can do. These ten makeup and beauty essentials may help you to pamper your skin even during the office hours. 

Lip balms are irreplaceable and there’s nothing as important as a lip balm even in the office. Of course, we adore lipstick and gloss, but if you’re only going to have one lip product at your desk, this should be it—because dry lips are never appealing. Maybelline New York baby lips keep the lips moisturized and fresh all day ensuring you can last for a whole day even without lipstick.  

  • Face and hand wipes 

Facial wipes and hand wipes are lifesavers that should always be kept along. Sleeping with makeup is a no-no and the worst thing is touching your face all day. Having hand wipes and face wipes is the greatest method to keep away the bacteria. 

  • Hand cream 

Hand cream is something that everybody needs, especially in the office. Not giving the needful attention to hands can make them dull. Spending the entire day in an air conditioned setting can cause skin to dry out. Apply hand cream to keep those hands smooth and supple. 

  • Compact 

Oily skin might make you appear too gleaming at times. Having a compact can be helpful at all times. Keeping a compact in your desk drawer and dabbing it across your face in the middle of the day when your skin begins to appear oily can save your look. Try using the Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Powder to make sure your skin looks fresh and vibrant all day. 

  • Lipsticks 

Lipsticks are addictive and applying a favorite one can totally change the mood. Keeping the best ones like the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks can be totally handy. If your lips look chapped and you have to attend a sudden meeting, these lipsticks might save the day for you. Also, lipsticks can last longer and you don’t have to worry about your lips looking shabby or dull even in the unofficial hours. 

  • Hair spray 

It’s a real effort to deal with poor hair days. However, a hair spray or dry shampoo can save the day. While transporting the bottle may be inconvenient, you can always put it in your desk drawer and spritz it on as required. It’s especially useful if you have plans beyond office hours. 

  • Kajal 

Tired eyes due to endless working hours is a real thing and nothing beats that more legitimate than a perfect kajal. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal is very smooth and the pencil formula is super easy to be applied. The deep intense color is enough to hinder the pale or hefty look. 

  • Pocket deo or perfume 

Working directly with folks happens all the time at work, whether you’re conversing with your coworkers at lunch or giving a presentation, so it’s wonderful to smell good throughout the day. Keep a tiny perfume bottle at your desk to refresh, or fragrance samples would suffice. Maybelline New York perfumes and deodorants have long lasting fragrances to make sure you smell good all day. 

  • Serum 

Getting caught in the rain or not being able to take out time for your hair every morning are all very real scenarios that may ruin your hair. Because it’s not practical to go around the workplace with messy or frizzy hair, serum will suffice. One or two pumps will reduce frizz and increase shine. You should always carry hair serum or just put one at your desk and it will surely come in handy when you can’t find options to tackle your hair. 

  • BB cream 

It’s nearly impossible to live without BB cream. They’ve been there for a long time, yet they’re still the greatest and best things in the world of beauty. Maybelline BB cream provides lightweight coverage that develops like foundation and remains in place even while we’re sweating profusely. How can something that helps our skin seem beautiful and works from within to improve our complexion be anything other than extremely necessary? This is the epitome of dual-purpose beauty. For continuous SPF coverage, use the cream once or twice a day. 


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