The Best Sites to Review Brands

Best Sites to Review Brands
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Most of the time, we want to choose between several brands or products, but we cannot find a reliable source for their reviews. Searching the Internet for reviews also might increase your confusion. Hence, we have tried to introduce 10 best sites to review cosmetic brands on the Internet so that you can easily decide about the products you need.

Here is a list of the Best Sites to Review Brands.

These websites are not just specialist professional product reviews. They are parts of more giant corporations with a professional product reviews section; hence, they can help receive the best beauty advice.

Brands reviews

Check out the reviews of each and every brand and their products before purchase and make the best choice. Reviews are useful for gaining some more insight into various products, because there are a lot of brands that produce similar products around the globe. Some reviews might be positive and others might be negative, but overall, it is important to know what kind of product you are dealing with from each brand. health and beauty are our main concerns. The best product is granted to you when its brand has been perfectly reviewed.

Total Beauty

Total Beauty is the first on our list and it is an easy-to-navigate website and contains the best unbiased reviews out there. You can search for the product you want to receive the site review and customer feedback. There are thousands of products reviewed in this website. They also have up-to-date articles on beauty that you can read to move your skincare and beauty routine to a new level.


You might have heard the name Allure on your searches for different product reviews. It has reviews done by their various bloggers who provide perfect beauty advice as well as product reviews. Their writing style is very interesting, so you can spend your time to get the product that is right for you. The Dermatology Review Focusing mainly on skincare products, The Dermatology Review is a great website for professional product reviews.

This is in part due to the scientific nature of their analysis and review. They take a practical and scientific approach in investigating different claims of beauty product producers. Here, you can easily determine if a product is effective or just advertised for marketing purposes.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep comes with a mobile app and has more than 69,000 product reviews. The website is also easy to
navigate, and the articles have a friendly style. Skin Deep articles are organized in a way that they can be specific without being confusing.

For instance, suppose you want a scar treatment product review. You just need to go to the skincare section, then choose the treatment section, and scar treatment is on the list.

Read Online

Read Online has various articles that are concerned with beauty trends and recent fashion ideas. One section of their website is dedicated to professional product reviews and offers scientific-based evidence for their reviews.

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is one of my favorites, and it has the largest databases for professional product reviews. It contains more than 45,000 expert reviews on different cosmetic products. You can also see the list of the best products in each different category.

Makeup Alley

Makeup Alley is structured a bit differently compared to other brand review websites. This great website lets you search reviews based on your skin, hair, or eye type. Hence, you can find specific articles for your needs. This feature has made Makeup Alley the one suggested by many dermatologists and beauty experts.

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is not only for beauty products, but also you can find home appliance reviews too. It shows the best products in each category, and they even have test results to support the information they are giving you.

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Temptalia is a perfect website not only for product reviews but also product comparisons. They have a great section that shows you how to save money and get similar or better results with other products.


Dermstore is another database for product and brand reviews, and they take a very scientific approach for their reviews. It allows you to search for a product or look at brands and categories in order to find the review you are looking for.

All of the websites introduced in this article are great to get the best advice and toxin rid reviews of your everyday beauty products. Check them out before buying any brands or products to get the best results possible.

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