The charming lure of Investment Banking

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Ever wondered why there is this rush to get into banking? The financial sector has never been so lucrative especially to the millennials.

What’s the catch? Why there is a sudden rush to enter into investment banking?

Following the graph of investment banking industry, you would realize that the growth is not sudden. There has been a slow and steady rise of the investment banking industry gaining trust of its patrons through hard work; persistent and continuous endeavors to strive for excellence. 

Result: Surge in demand for investment bankers and banking professionals from commercial banks are also upping their skills and knowledge to fit into the world of investment banking.

Before we delve further into the charming lures of investment banks, let’s have a look at what is investment banking and why is it so much in demand among the young banking professionals.

Investment Banking: Everything You Should Know About It!

Investment Banking is defined as a specific branch of banking that deals with capital creation for other companies, governments, and other entities.

Roles of Investment banks: These are the banks that underwrites new debt and equity securities for all types of corporations. They also help in the securities’ sale along with facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and broker trades for both organizations as well as private investors.

In addition, to all this, investment banks also offer guidance to issuers regarding the issue and placement of stock.

Considered as the strongest pillar of the finance and banking industry, investment banking industry is the one that propels the wheels of the economy by playing the role of a mediator between corporations that seek funds and investors who wish to park their wealth. The channeling of this funds is done on an extremely high scale and often involves high profile individuals, corporations, and even government bodies.

Why investment banking is becoming a choice of profession?

Why indeed! The investment banking forms the crucial part of the financial world thus enticing young generation to pursue their career in the investment banking industry.

Aspiring banking professionals are eager to learn the ropes of the industry and want to understand their roles and responsibilities as well. So let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a banking professional in an investment banking industry.

Why are banking professionals lured into Investment Banking?

There could be numerous reasons for young banking professionals to get attracted to this glamorous industry of the financial world.

  1. Excellent salary: Investment banking industry pays excellent remuneration to the deserving banking professionals.
  2. Status quo: Investment banking involves deals with high profile individuals and when you meet and greet these people on personal levels your status in the society rises.
  3. Driven by passion: Usually investment bankers are driven by passion more than money. No doubt handsome salary is a bonus but to stick around you need more than salary.

Some of the skills you would require to acquire and brush up on if you wish to succeed as an investment banking professional

  • You need to display a proven record of strong numerical as well as analytical skills
  • You need to display an excellent team work and team leadership skills
  • You should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • One of the most important skills would be to handle project and time management ability
  • You need to display dedication, energy and commitment
  • You should be self-confident and should have the ability to make difficult decisions
  • This would be your ultimate test as your ability to work under pressure and cope well in stressful situations would ensure that you become a successful investment banking professional

So if you are also lured by the charms of this industry then you should go for certification in investment banking as that would augment your chances for that coveted promotion.

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