The Easiest Ways To Clean Blocked Drains

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The most nuisance thing that can happen in your home is the blocked drains. Blockages never happen overnight. It takes time to reach a position where you will wake up one day to see blockages or some kind of filthy smell. Clogging of the drains happens because of many reasons and every reason is an additional time for maintaining bad habits. Bad habits such as throwing solid food particles straight into the kitchen sink or not cleaning the drainage system on time adds up to everyday draining issues. Head over to Inner City Plumbing if you’d like to know more about plumbing services.

If the blocked drains are not treated on time, it can cause permanent damage to your property which doesn’t sound okay! A lot of draining problems can easily be solved by the homeowner but sometimes you may need the help of an Instant Drain Cleaner when the problem rises like that of bursting pipe.

Clogged drains are the real issue for every homeowner. Some know how to deal with it, others just ponder over the cause. The thing is, if you know the actual source of the problem, you can get rid of the maximum plumbing problems. That’s why it is mandatory for every homeowner to have a basic acknowledgement of the plumbing problems and its solutions. Don’t worry! That’s why we are here provide 10 plumbing tips that helps for homeowner!

Why should you bother yourself for blocked drains?

Before getting into ways of unblocking your drains, we must be sure about why we need to clean up our drainage system on time. Why do people really have to worry about the blocked drains?

What causes clogging?

  • All types of food waste
  • Grease and oil from your utensils
  • Soap bars which are made up of animal grease and fats
  • Water mineral buildup
  • Any kind of small objects that can stuck in the drain

Blocked drains are the real threat not to your family but also for your neighbours who share the same pipework and sewage system. Bursting of pipes causes real threat and this happens over a course of blocked drains. When the pipework is blocked because you have flushed items that are not meant to be flushed, the blockage can travel all the way to your neighbour’s pipe.

If you think that you meet up with everyday blocking issues despite taking care of what goes inside your sink then the real problem could be the poorly fitted pipework or there must be some hidden mistake. Whatever the case be, the blocked drain will give you enough signal to let you know that you are having some trouble inside the sewage or draining system. Let’s study specifically the signs you might encounter.

Blocked draining signals

Plumbing problems never happen all of a sudden. It gives enough signs to get things in its place. The task is on you. It’s you who have to identify the real cause of the trouble. Find out what is happening with the drains. The signs will let you know if you have any clogging scenes. These signs are very accurate, so you can work on them to avoid any type of blocking.

  • Slow draining

The obvious sign of clogged drain is the slow draining process. When you see the drains being filled up or that it has been slowed down, it’s a clear cut sign of a clogged drain. The clogging can happen either with small things like food or it may be a bigger issue where you can see slow draining and filling up both at the same time. These clogging issues must be resolved before it gets worse over time.

  • Gurgle sound

Sometimes, the pipe creates a gurgling sound. This is a sign that the water isn’t getting enough space to pass through it. Such things happen when the pipe is filled with clogging materials. The water is prevented from passing normally through the passage and thus it tries hard to come out. These obstructing matters are usually from food or waste.

  • Unusual color of the water

When the water starts appearing to be discolored, it means you have clogging issues. Backed up drains cause discolored water especially in color of either brown or completely black. Such cases need urgent attention. These are very much lethal to a human and clearing off such clogs become an important task.

Can you try out some DIY methods to get rid of the clogs? This question is often asked by people. As clogging troubles are on a regular go and you can’t afford to call London’s highly recommended plumber every time you encounter clogging issues. In such a scenario, you have to be mentally and physically aware of certain hacks that will save you some extra bucks and time.

How to get rid of blocked drains?

We have many options to go for while cleaning the blocked drains. For them you don’t even need expert knowledge. It’s as simple as cleaning the wash basin. There are a number of DIY tips for home improvement that can help you in clearing off the clogging materials.

  • Use of boiling water

Boiling water is an easy and quick method to get rid of any clogging items from the drain. Just pour hot boiling water straight into the drain. It will dissolve the hard materials stuck inside the draining channel.

  • Use of DIY natural cleaner

What works best for cleaning stuck particles inside the drain is mixing the solution of baking soda and white vinegar. It is a home remedy for taking out the clogged particles. Pour the baking soda and then the white vinegar into the drain and then cover it up. Hold on for some moments and you will be relaxed to see how it is clearing blocked drains.

  • Use of a chemical drain cleaner

You can buy a chemical drain cleaner from any local hardware shop. This chemical helps in removing some of the stubborn clogging materials like grease, hair, and food. Before pouring in the solution, make sure you have covered up your hands and face. After pouring in the solution, flush the pipe with water.

  • Use of plunger

A plunger can clear off the blocked substances from the drain. Put an up and down pressure. It will help in losing up the blockages. Plunger must be used only for the solid cloggings.

  • Use of hydro jet

Hydro jets are a powerful stream of water that is pushed from a pipe. The pressure forces the stuck materials inside the drain to unclog. This method is a safer means of pulling out soft blockages but it is still better than snaking.

How to be proper with unblocking the drain

There are a lot of things that are easily available in your home and which will help you in unclogging the drain as quickly as possible. They are:

  • Rubber gloves to clean the drain without getting messier
  • Rope to uncover the drain
  • Waste bags to put up all the debris that’s coming from the clogged drain
  • Drain rod to dislodge a blocked drain. It is available in any of your local stores.
  • Bleach to clean the drain after you have removed the clogging
  • Caustic soda to clean the drain while it’s consumed with hard greasy substance

Conclusion: Sometimes we can shred a lot of money on those things that actually don’t require. Maintaining a proper habit for disposal will make your blocked drains in London free from such clogging. The only way we can avoid such a mess in our home, is to get a proper prevention method. You can also monitor your home pipe system in order to get a complete picture of draining problems.

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