I can’t save a single euro

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How many times have you said lately I can’t save a euro, I never have a penny, I don’t make it to the end of the month …

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  • Don’t you know how to start saving too?
  • # 1 – You don’t have to save hard right away
  • # 2 – How much should I save?
  • # 3 – How long have I started?
  • # 4 – And then how can I keep saving
  • # 5 – But do I have to keep saving forever?

Don’t you know how to start saving too?

Well, I must say that I also found myself in this situation, but today I want to show you how you can stop complaining and start saving to reach important goals in a few months.

The method is very simple and is perhaps one of the most effective methods I have used over time to reach my savings goals.

This method will allow you to start automating your finances and earning passive income thanks to the famous compound return.

When you start saving, you will gradually get used to your new style and it will seem normal to save and increase your assets to then be able to afford what you most want.

Let’s see how to do it.

# 1 – You don’t have to save hard right away

In some moments of your life it is important to save quickly and a lot, in short, to save hard.

In many others, however, you can follow your own pace and save moderately.

In any case, always remember that it is mandatory to save to face the future and any critical moments that could arise sooner or later in life.

# 2 – How much should I save?

The easiest way to think is to set a fixed percentage of your earnings as a savings goal.

In my opinion, the correct percentage of savings is 25% of what you earn.

Depending on your age, I would advise you to try to save more when you are young and then eventually slow down at a later age.

# 3 – How long have I started?

Ok here is the revolution. Saving is like sport: it requires training, consistency.

You can encounter obstacles, have stopped, but, if you want, you can reach any result and move the bar higher and higher!

But to have a better chance of success, you have to start from the bottom. You can start with 1% of your earnings. Do you earn 1000 Euros per month? 10 Euros are enough for the first month that you can achieve by cutting some of the expenses in this list.

You will probably just need to eliminate one coffee a day for the first month or contact your telephone company to renegotiate your subscription.

I recommend that you want to deposit your earnings or to a separate account, a deposit account can be useful for the purpose, or the moment in a piggy bank.

This will help you to always have the results of your efforts in front of you and not to lose your motivation.

# 4 – And then how can I keep saving

Well once you start exercising, you don’t have to stop practicing harder and harder. Each month you can increase your savings rate by 1% to 12% in one year and even 24% in 2 years.

Once trained you can try to face tougher challenges. You will be able to attack the big expenses, save on the house, on mobility and change your lifestyle.

In the meantime, you will set aside a small amount that you can start investing to create new income.

# 5 – But do I have to keep saving forever?

Once you have reached your goal, which could be 25% per year, you can move your goal even higher, but above all, you will have to invest and generate new money.

This will allow you to increase your income in parallel, but also to increase the value of what you have saved.

You will thus enter the virtuous circle of savings, from which you will have to try never to leave.

Some unexpected events will happen, maybe you can afford to go overboard from time to time, but like the best athletes you will concentrate and you will not miss your appointments by keeping track of your results.

At some point, you will do everything automatically, without realizing it.

To keep track of your savings you can use an excel sheet, like mine, or a sheet of paper like the Kakebo.


To invest, you can initially use a deposit account and then identify the best instrument suited to your risk profile.

In any case, remember to choose a tool that does not allow you to tap into it easily, at least at the beginning, so as not to frustrate your efforts and take advantage of the magic of this mechanism.


What are you waiting for to start saving, stop complaining that you don’t even have a single euro and don’t make it to the end of the month.

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