The School’s Role in Influencing Child Development

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Schools play a critical role in a child’s mental and psychological growth. They stimulate curiosity in the youth, shape impressionable minds, and teach them about values, about right and wrong, all of which help kids become better people and productive members of society. That’s why choosing the right school is essential to your child’s future. Here’s a look at how the best school impacts your child’s life as s/he grows into adulthood. 

Mental Aspect 

Schools deliver a structured learning experience to students. They provide knowledge and wisdom through lessons. They also give kids a chance to acquire knowledge on a range of friends and areas of interest. From math and politics to literature, the social sciences, and more, schools are a breeding ground for training kids, for teaching them how to refine and improve their thought process. Schools don’t teach kids how to think but they equip them with the tools they need to improve critical thinking. Exposure to these helps a child expand his or her mental faculties. 

Social Aspect 

School provides an avenue for kids to socialize. It’s where they learn how to interact with others who aren’t part of their immediate circle of family members. By exposing them to other adults, they are able to learn how to manage those interactions. If they are an only child, then going to school allows them to meet kids their age. They’ll learn how to make friends, which is one of the joys of relationships. Also, kids who tend to be only kids aren’t used to sharing. At school, though, they learn about the importance of sharing, along with other concepts and values. Other socialization skills they learn include participation in class and other activities, how to give assistance, being empathetic, and more. 

Physical Aspect 

P.E. classes at school teach kids the importance of being and staying physically fit and active. They do exercises where they sweat it out and keep in shape. Some of the routine exercises help kids strengthen their muscles and develop strength. The teachers might also ask them to participate in games that not only build up their strength but also teach them values of sportsmanship, of knowing how to stand up after a defeat, of being gracious enough to accept failure but still having the ability to shake the other team’s hand and wish them well. 


Games in the classroom teach kids much more about winning—they teach students about the value of trying hard enough at something that even when you fail, you can still tell yourself you did your best. You can pat yourself on the back, knowing that you’ve done the best you could, and you might not win today but with continued perseverance and determination, that day will come. That’s the kind of mindset that kids can learn from the best teachers at excellent schools. Sound options like the GIIS in Abu Dhabi help kids come to terms with the realization that not everything is handed to them. They learn to place value on hard work and that they need to work with others to achieve common goals.  


Kids have different personalities. Some are pranksters. Some find it easy to talk to other people. Some have a hard time relating to their classmates. By letting these kids go to school and interact through online classes, they are able to learn much from all the other kids in their class as well as from their teachers. Socializing with others helps inform their perspectives and change the way they think and behave. For instance, a child who isn’t much used to sharing isn’t selfish, s/he just hasn’t had any opportunities yet to learn why it matters. Classroom sessions, though, help drive home the importance of sharing. That changes the child’s attitude towards the practice. That’s just one of the many ways schools impact a child. 


A lot of people think kids don’t remember much. But many kids grow up to be adults who pursue a career simply because their third-grade teacher told them: “You’re good at this,” or that “Your work on this project was amazing.” For some kids, these memories stay with them forever. That’s why it’s also important that parents find the right schools, where the teachers are passionate about educating the youth. Their words have a profound impact on the kids in their classes. Whenever they start a session, they don’t just impart lesson plans. The best teachers touch people’s lives. For some kids, that means entertaining their first dream of who and what they want to be when they grow up. It’s thinking about a career. Teachers who do this, who go the extra mile aren’t just teaching kids to read or write or do simple math. They change the future.  

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