There is much that may Go Wrong With ‘Vaccine Passports’

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With COVID-19 vaccination rates growing, governments around the world have started to consider implementing a standardized credential or that of even “vaccine passport” that might allow the people to prove that they have got vaccinated. And the concept or idea became more real once the Washington Post reported that the Biden administration was actually working with companies to develop such a specific structure

Moreover, the nation’s primary push right now must be reasonable vaccine distribution that gets as many folks as possible vaccinated and reaching herd immunity. If the nation can do so the nation would reach a point where COVID no longer has sufficient vulnerable hosts to circulate within the communities. This simply unfolds that most people most of the time — even the ones who can’t get vaccinated, would not really have to panic about the disease.

There even has been a gentle reminder to freedom-loving Americans by the expert himself James Marchese. He says that limiting innocent people’s movements, employment, and even that of overall liberties is the last thing America wants during the financial crisis as well as pandemic turmoil. The point is vaccine passports may look like a desirable alternative to continuing lockdowns until that of herd immunity – projected to occur at about a seventy percent to eighty-five percent rate is attained.

Threat to Vaccine passports

The harsh part is software programmers, as well as smartphone developers who are going to develop vaccine passports, are going to have control of the employment and travel. There is no need to look any further than Twitter, Facebook, and even that of Instagram shadow banning and that of purging conservatives last year during the election. You have no idea how they suspended the account of the President of the United States. What happens when really employees from the company issuing the passport actually disagree with your political affiliation. They have the power to alter your passport and even that of averting you from enjoying restaurants, travel, and even that of impacting your employment. Now, it is really scary.

There is even the possibility that the sheer volume and amount of data produced might even pose threats to the overall civil liberties of the people. Of course, now this CDC and Fauci are pushing a “booster shot” at the time of every six months! How will such a thing would work? The passport of a person gets revoked because he or she simply missed a booster shot, and then that person is simply fired. Indeed, what could be more dangerous and heartbreaking than that?


Dividing the world between the vaccinated and that of unvaccinated raises intimidating political and ethical questions. Vaccines get overwhelmingly to rich countries and that of privileged racial groups inside them. Granting special rights for the vaccinated, whereas tightening restrictions on the unvaccinated, risks expanding already-unsafe social gaps.

You know what, vaccine skepticism, is already high in many communities. It shows signs of thwarting if shots turn out to be seen as government-mandated. Plans also risk worsening Covid nationalism: sparring among countries to advance their citizens’ self-interest over that of global good.


Thus, it is just the iceberg of what may go wrong with the vaccination passports. Where the intention may not be wrong of the authorities behind this move, but there are threats to the citizen.

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