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97% of Google users have already used the search engine to find a local business. Is yours visible? For your business to appear quickly among the first results of localized searches, using an online advertisement seems to be the solution. But it still has to be effective! Does your ad allow you to acquire new leads? Has your strategy increased your business conversion rate? We will tell you all about the best practices to adopt!

Create a specific landing page for each of your campaigns

Local internet advertising reaches a small audience and has a very specific purpose. It would be best if you tailor each of your landing pages to your online advertising. Otherwise, you risk losing consistency and especially conversions. With such a targeted landing page, you increase your chances of convincing your targets that you meet their exact needs. Promote local content to appear more authentic, increase your chances of visits or phone calls, and to build your notoriety within your community! In short, each of your landing pages must be unique.

Optimize your ads for phone calls

60% of local searches on Google are done from a mobile phone, and the trend is only accelerating. Therefore, your online advertising must be optimized for mobile users, and more specifically, for phone calls! This strategy will increase your chances of obtaining subsequent visits to your business. To make your local internet advertising generate calls, follow our tips below:

  • Let the readers of your ad know that they will get a response if they call you. If you give out a phone number without explaining the information you are going to give them, you are unlikely to make a call.
  • Use calls to actions like “Call us now for a free quote” or “Call us for a visit.”
  • Optimize your landing page for mobile use: is your content displaying correctly? Is your call-to-action button easy to click?
  • Track the calls that come from your online ad and landing page to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Include promotions in your ads

Thanks to the new features of Google Ads, you can now integrate promotions into your online advertising. According to a study conducted by WordStream, this is the feature that generated the highest click-through rate! You can add a promotion to your local internet advertisement at any time of the year and enter any percentage off. To do this, go to the Google Ads platform and your advertising account. Then click on “Ads and Extensions” then choose “promotion extension.” All you have to do is enter the details of your ad, and you’re done. Concentrate on heavy shopping periods like sales weeks or Mother’s Day!

Focus on relevant geographic areas and time slots

To spend your advertising budget efficiently, you can target the geographic areas most relevant to your business. You can analyze the results of your previous local internet advertising. To do this, go to your dashboard on Google Ads, then click on “Zone” in the toolbar on the left. Then, go to the “Report on the geographical position of Internet users” option.

You will have access to your number of clicks according to the targeted geographic area. This method can be a great way to spot your best local opportunities, then target the most relevant geographic areas in your next online ad. In addition to the location, you can also choose the best times for your local internet advertising! Imagine that you are a restaurateur specializing in lunch services. You could post the majority of your ads late in the morning when people are looking for a place to eat on their break. To target a specific time slot, go to the “Delivery calendar” on your Google Ads platform.

As with geographies, you have access to the current time your ads served, as well as their effectiveness. Combining geographic and temporal targeting can allow you to spend your budget on a much more qualified target!

Harness the power of targeting on Facebook

Are you posting your advertising online on social media? You can’t miss the full potential of targeting on Facebook. For your local internet advertising, this is an opportunity to target exactly the people in the area who match your potential clientele. In addition to demographic data, interests, and consumption habits, you can very precisely target the inhabitants of a particular neighborhood. Targeting that is too precise can make you miss out on interesting opportunities for your business. So be careful not to restrict yourself unnecessarily!

Make sure you have a completed Google My Business account

You can’t effectively advertise locally on the internet if you don’t have an existing and optimized Google my Business account alongside. Quite simply because it is on Google Maps that users will also do their research!

Not only will this allow you to appear in search results on Maps, but it will also optimize your SEO during a local search on Google, thanks to the information you provide. Often, users won’t even bother to visit your website – the information that is given on Google will suffice.  To do this, create a Google my Business account, then fill in all of the following information:

  • The exact name of your company
  • Physical address. Please note: each franchise has its specific profile!
  • A photo of your storefront or your business
  • Phone number and email
  • Link to your website
  • Opening time
  • Geographical areas served
  • Other documents to attract a potential consumer

You have all the cards in hand to create effective local advertising on the internet!

For SMEs, having a profitable local marketing strategy on Google is essential. It would be best if you left nothing to chance when it comes to your online advertising. Did you manage to get results from a local internet advertising campaign? Tell us about your best practices!

Are you having trouble establishing your advertising strategy? Use this guide to get effective results on your local internet advertising campaign.

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