Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Hate the HR

Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Hate the HR
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Most employees in general, hate the Human Resources department for different reasons. Some of these reasons are logically based on awful experience with HR teams. Considering that, other reasons why some workers hate HR, it’s because they demonstrate the employees’ insufficient knowledge about the role of HR in the workplace. 

Although these reasons exist in various organizations, it won’t matter whatever they are in your company, it would be hard to win the loyalty of employees back when they’ve come up with a bad opinion of HR. What’s even worse than that is when employees work for a new company where the HR staff is excellent, responsible, and fights for their workers, an unpleasant experience can affect the employees’ view of HR. 

Sadly, bad HR departments are still there and exist. However, there are also great HR departments still alive out there too! Here are the reasons why employees hate their HR staff: 

Reason #1: They’re Normally There to Protect the Company’s Name 

Human Resources is commonly boasted as an employee-friendly organization. But for most employees, they don’t really think of it that way. For them, the HR is an executioner inclined to follow whatever the management tells them to do. For them, it’s the bosses that come first, then workers last. 

Reason #2: They’re Incompetent

Unfortunately, employees go to HR to address their concerns but find them unskilled, untrained employees with small experience working in a professional HR office. The usual issue is that the HR staff came from accounting or another unassociated office and not sure what they must do with employees or in HR. 

Reason #3: They Sit Far Away From Other Employees 

The reason why there’s a gap between the HR and the employees is the absence of interaction between them. HR cannot advocate common good if they’re just distancing themselves away in an office somewhere, remotely away from the employees they should get to know and work for. 

Reason #4: They Only Have the Company and Management’s Interests in Mind 

Employees would say that HR cares only about the profits of the company and the managers. HR would always side with the manager most of the time. Even if the employee has enough witnesses or employees who have frequently complained to HR about the same problem, HR would still support the company. 

Moreover, they would even cover up real and true employee issues in their pursuit to maintain the company safe from lawsuits. 

Reason #5: They Place More Attention on Policies Than on People 

It’s true that it’s not really easy to be working in the HR support department. Think of it, you get confused with the desires of employees and the preference of the management. Nevertheless, HR people would constantly pull the policies card and will just get more criticism than respect. 

Reason #6: They are Involve in Office Politics 

Many employees see that HR staff members are aspiring to favour with executive leadership. They deal with employees on a political basis of the employees’ job title and position. They view that HR employees curry favour with managers and executives because they give no value to the bottom line. 

Reason #7: They Don’t Know What’s Real 

The reason why HR usually get a lot of hate is that they tend to be so zealous about assumptions and how things should ideally do. But this type of business management is not real! They don’t understand what the harsh realities employees face every day that influence their work and personal lives. 

Reason #8: They Complicate Things 

HR would expect employees to take their work at home because of all of the paperwork and management requirements. This should not even happen in the first place. HR people must be there to make the lives of employees and management easier and making them more productive. 

Reason #9: They Can’t Give You Straight and Direct Answers 

Have you experienced asking the HR something and they always say “I’ll have to check that first with my manager.” Employees hate it when HR can’t provide them with answers right away. 

Reason #10: They Pay More Attention to Small Issues Instead of the Real Problem 

HR will always make a commotion about employees not wearing the appropriate dress code or IDs at work. Although this may be important, these types of problems should not even earn so much attention over the actual problems such as the lack of employee morale and employee turnovers. Employees don’t like it when Human Resources entirely forgets the most important problems but tend to be more watchful to little or minor issues.

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