Top 5 Metrics to Measure User Engagement of Your Mobile App

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Building a mobile app for your business is just half the battle towards achieving the larger objective of reaching more audience and increasing conversions thereof. So, if you think building and launching a mobile app are all you have to do to get ahead of the curve, then you’re not treading the right path. Apart from hiring mobile app development services, you should also focus on assessing the user engagement of your app to understand how well it is doing in attracting and retaining customers. Without a proper assessment, you will be far from rectifying the mistakes, improving the app, and increasing the conversions. So, you see, it is all connected. Since we understand that tracking user behaviour may distract you from your core business pursuits, we suggest you hire the expert assistance of seasoned professionals. Here, we discuss the top metrics that experts use to measure user engagement. 

What are the metrics to use for measuring the app engagement?

Active users – Not everyone who has downloaded your mobile app is using it on a daily basis. Hence, to separate the wheat from the chaff, you should measure the number of active users that are currently engaging with your app using top analytical tools like Google Analytics. If you want a clearer picture and segment-specific data, then you can keep a tab on monthly active users and daily active users separately for better understanding.

Average length of sessions – Once you have known the number of active users on your app, you should derive the average session length. Simply put, it is the average time spent by the users to interact with your app. It is a must to measure this metric because it tells us how glued the users are to your app. Using Google Analytics or any other reliable tool, you can measure this metric, take prompt actions, and strive for increasing session lengths of the users. 

Retention rate – Not focusing enough on customer retention means you do not care enough about your loyal customer base. Moreover, with the user retention rate going down from 38% in 2018 to 32% in 2019, we must understand that users are less forgiving now ( If you want to retain customers and prevent them from switching to your competitors, you should measure the retention rate and take the necessary steps to boost the numbers. 

Churn rate – As much important as the retention rates, the churn rates tell you the number of users who have stopped using or left your app over time. If the churn rates are high, then you might have to conduct performance and security audits of your mobile app to understand the discrepancies and address them effectively. To make changes in your app, you can always consult with a mobile app development company. By taking the right measures, the experts can increase the stickiness of your app thereby minimizing its churn rate. 

Return on investment – Now, this is the ultimate metric for measuring the overall success of your mobile app! Have you incurred losses? Or have you earned profits on investment? ROI is nothing but the extra money you have made against what you have spent on building and promoting your app. If the overall gain exceeds the total costs, then you have a profit. All in all, you should strive for maximizing the ROI for every penny you have invested in your mobile app strategy. 

Conclusion – To analyse the effectiveness of your mobile app, you must measure and monitor its user engagement at regular intervals. It will help you channel your effort in the right direction and enhance the lifetime value of your app. Do you need professional services to get started with? Contact the team of experts. From mobile app development and digital marketing to Ecommerce website design, the company is the provider of all-round digital solutions. To know more, contact the team today! 

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