Top Tips on Answering Project Manager Interview Questions

project manager interview questions
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Do you have a project manager interview coming up? The delight at being selected for an interview can quickly be replaced with nerves, but know you are not alone; 93% of people feel anxious before an interview. And even if you don’t, preparation is key to ensure the interview goes well.

Being a project manager can be rewarding, overseeing projects for organizations from start to finish. However, it comes with various tasks, which you need to show you are ready for in your interview.

Read on to learn tips on how to answer project manager interview questions like a pro.

1. Know What They Are Looking For

Before you attend your interview, read over the project manager job description. Look for the specific skills and projects they require, so you can prepare your answers accordingly.

Project management skills that companies usually require are leadership, empathy, relationship management, technical skills, and communication skills. Expect to be asked about your experience dealing with conflict, using certain technological platforms, and your organizational techniques.

2. Practice Some Common Questions

There are some common project manager questions and answers that you can practice. For example, you can read scrum master interview questions, which can help you feel more prepared for your interview. Other common questions include:

  • Tell us about your last project
  • Tell us about yourself
  • What has gone wrong on a project, and how did you manage
  • How do you prioritize tasks on a project
  • Can you explain your most successful project

Familiarizing yourself with common project manager interview questions allows you to become confident with what to expect. You can practice tailoring your answers to the role and giving yourself time to think about your answers. For example, people often undersell themselves when talking about their strengths, so practicing this question can ensure you shine.

3. Have Examples Prepared

It might seem tempting to think about examples on the spot, but nerves and stress can impact your recall. Leave some space for fluidity in the interview, but have some key examples ready to provide. Focus on the projects where you can demonstrate your customer service, efficiency, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

4. Ask Your Own Questions

Your interview is like a mini project, so demonstrate that you are prepared, invested, and have direction. Prepare several questions you can ask that show you have researched the organization, understand the job role, and are aware of the types of projects that may arise. These questions will help support your answers to the project manager interview questions.

5. Rehearse

While being yourself in the project manager interview is important, rehearsing can help you feel more comfortable. Ask a mentor, colleague, or friend to help run through some questions with you. So, you have time to highlight the project manager interview questions you need to work on.

Master Project Manager Interview Questions

Follow these tips on how to answer project manager interview questions to feel more prepared, comfortable, and ready to shine. Once your interview is over, you can also follow up with your interviewer, thanking them and expressing interest in the job.

Good luck!

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