The Different Types of Insurance Plans That You Should Have

types of insurance plans
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In 2020, 54% of Americans were covered by some type of life insurance. This statistic could use some improvement; not to mention, other types of insurance plans are essential for safeguarding your family too.

It’s smart to invest in family protection, but there’s such a thing as excessive coverage. In that case, you’d be hemorrhaging money without getting much of a return.

So which are the best insurance plans you should get for your family? Read on to find out!

Life Insurance

Let’s start off with the most important type to get: life insurance. This covers all funeral expenses and ensures your family members are taken care of after your death.

If you’re the breadwinner, then it’s especially vital you get a generous policy. It’s suggested that you should get one that covers 10 times your income. But if you’re not able to afford that, then go for the maximum you can manage.

There are 2 types here: traditional whole life and term life insurance. As the name suggests, whole life insurance covers you for the entire time you’re alive (there are also other advantages, such as infinite banking),¬†while term life only covers you for a set amount of time.

Health Insurance

This is the second most important type of insurance to get. Any serious health issue can set you back financially, and for many families, it can be impossible to recover.

This is smart insurance to have since life-ruining medical bills can be reduced to very affordable ones.

Homeowner’s Insurance

You’ve spent your entire life saving up to buy your dream house, so don’t let a random event like fire or flood ruin everything.

A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover not just your house, but other structures on your property. In addition, it’ll cover your personal belongings inside and any temporary living expenses incurred while getting home repairs.

Auto Insurance

If you and/or other family members drive, then you must have auto insurance; it’s illegal not to have coverage in many states.

Also, like with health issues, any accident can rack up huge expenses if you don’t have insurance. Having a good auto insurance policy means less money out of your pocket, regardless of who’s responsible for the crashes.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

We’d like to believe that we can work up until retirement age, but sometimes, Mother Nature has other plans for us.

It’s true that health insurance will cover your medical bills, but what about your daily expenses? That’s where long-term disability insurance comes in.

Most companies will pay up to 70% of your income, so it can help take a huge burden off your shoulders while you rest and recover.

Get These Types of Insurance Plans and Protect Your Family

These are the types of insurance plans you should get for your loved ones. While it’ll take more money out of the bank, it’ll be a worthwhile investment to make sure you and your family are taken care of. After all, life throws you unexpected events all the time, so what better way to be prepared than to have maximum coverage?

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