Ultimate Guide to Handle Spilled Water on MacBook

Ultimate Guide to Handle Spilled Water on MacBook
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Who doesn’t want MacBook for office work or study purposes? Undoubtedly, this chic and classy gadget is everyone’s favorite choice due to its amazing function and remarkable features.

Water damaging your Macbook is pretty normal, especially when you work in a coffee shop or have a cup of tea beside your table. Whether coffee spills on your Macbook or tea damage its screen, it is somewhat necessary to take prompt actions to protect your device. Surely, considering MacBook Repair Singapore services can help you saving your device as liquid destroys electric machines in no time.

Table of Content

  • Common mistakes to avoid after spilling liquid on Macbook
  • Things to consider after spilling water on Macbook
  • How expert technicians repair a Macbook professionally?

So, put your shoulders to the wheel and keep reading the entire discussion properly.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Do you know around 70% of the Macbook owners send their device to the repair center due to water damage?

In fact, according to certified technicians, water damaged is one of the major causes of MacBook repair, along with battery replacement and screen blackout. However, no matter if your device has a minor issue or has some noticeable damage, it is always preferable to take it to the certified repair center near your area.

Common mistakes to avoid after spilling liquid on Macbook

Surely, DIY hacks to fix your Macbook’s water damaged are effective ONLY IF you are a pro at fixing electronic devices. Otherwise, fixing such expensive devices without any professional help causes severe harm.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of things you shouldn’t do after spilling liquid on your device.

  • Using A Hair-Dryer To Dry Your Water Damaged Device

We understand you love drying your hair with an expensive dryer. But, keep one thing in mind that your Macbook isn’t your hair, and you have to treat it differently. Macbook’s keyboard and logicboard are made with plastic. That’s why; drying spilled water with a dryer can melt that plastic.

Precisely, it is another way to welcome a new problem for you. The dryer can damage your device screen and makes it difficult for you to reuse your MacBook.

So, if you think you can afford another expense, then use a dryer; otherwise, it is suggested not to take this matter into your hand.

  • Placing Your MacBook in Rice Jar

No denial; rice is a great water observer. But, this trick not always shows magical results, especially when you think about putting your MacBook inside the jar. There is a strong probability that rice grains jam up your Macbook keyboard, and now you have to repair the damaged screen and keyboard.

Also, rice grains jam up the audio jack and USB jack. You all know that you have to pull out all your stops to remove rice grains from that tiny USB jack and audio jack.

So, you don’t need to try this experiment, especially when you want to fix your expensive MacBook. The skilled technicians know how to resolve this issue. Trust their credibility and let them repair your device.

  • Fixing Your Device Without Any Professional Help

Usually, people these days are jack of all trades but masters of none. Just because something seems easy doesn’t mean it’s doable. We don’t suggest you tear down your MacBook unless you have the technical savvy and know everything about MacBook. Don’t take the matter into your hand, as it could be the worst nightmare for you if you don’t know anything about it.

So, if you have accidentally spilled water on your Macbook and want to repair it, then don’t fret about the issue. Instead of panicking or trying some home remedy, we strongly recommend you choose the licensed MacBook repair center for this purpose.

Things to consider after spilling water on Macbook

Surely, you can’t cry over spilled water but take some immediate actions to avoid further damage.

  • Turn Off Your MacBook Real Quickly

Oh, have you spilled water on your device accidentally? Don’t wait for any miracle. , turn off your Macbook before you take it to the repair center.

  • Unplug Cord and Cables from MacBook

You can unplug all cords and cables from the device. It is suggested to remove its battery for other safety purposes.

  • Drain Your Device By Turning It Upside Down

This step should be done asap. You can use a dry cloth for this purpose and wipe up the excess liquid from the device. Try to wipe up water from ports, keyboards, and vents. Also, turn your laptop upside-down and put it on a dry towel or something absorbent.

Once you have completely wiped up the liquid, the next key step is to open up the laptop. If you are too scared and don’t want to take this matter into your hand, rush to a professional repair center without wasting your time.

  • Take Your Macbook to the Repair Centre

Honestly, it should be the 1st step to fix the damage in the first place. Internet is a reliable source to find a repair center that ensures premium quality and satisfactory Macbook repair services.

Always check the certification and license of hired technicians because only the experts can fix such technical issues without further predicament.

Remember, the steps mentioned above never guarantee 100% satisfactory results. But, they can prevent further damage to a device.

How expert technicians repair a Macbook professionally?

The expert technicians use the latest and updated equipment for better and prompt identification of a problem. Also, they guide you about how to avoid similar issues in the future.

The fantastic thing about relying on the services of expert technicians is that they always use genuine parts while repairing a device.

Don’t worry; liquid spills and water damage are quite common, and you can fix your device without robbing a bank.

The selection of guaranteed and well-reputed repair centers gives you a glimmer of hope that it’s possible to repair a damaged Macbook, iPad, iPod, or any other gadget.

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