Want to Make a House a Home? Read the 7 Interior Design Tips

Want to Make a House a Home? Read the 7 Interior Design Tips
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It’s true as you cannot design a house and an office in the same way. The feeling for both places is different. A residential interior design is distinguished from a commercial design by the homely and warm feel it offers.

Numerous elements in a house are different from those in a commercial space, which give it a homely feeling. These elements of Home Renovation Dubai transform a house of bricks and walls into a home where happy memories reside.

Interior Design Tips for Making a House a Home

Aside from the affection placed into establishing and organizing, a house’s interior design plays an important role in making it a home. So, if you want to give off a homey atmosphere, here are a few things to think about.

Personalized elements

The most significant point that makes your Home yours are personalized elements. At the same time, commercial buildings are designed to cater to everyone that visits; homes are specifically built to cater to the people living in the house. Each room is manufactured and decorated with great care, keeping everyone’s choice in mind. As that is what being a family is all about!

Add pictures, paintings, ornamental pieces, or anything else that represents you and your family. Of course, these are not the essentials of designing a home, but putting a board on the entrance wall saying, “Welcome to Mr. & Mrs. Wilsons”, sounds excellent.


If you think that fireplaces are a talk of the past, it’s not so. As the need for fireplaces reduced due to central heating and ventilation systems, you rarely see houses with them. But they symbolize the British victorian era, making them an essential part of the interior.

Get a fireplace built and enhance the look by the addition of modern features. Place wood logs or imitation wood to give the illusion of a lit fireplace. Even if not lit, it will psychologically impart a positive effect on the family members and the guests.

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are not usually given much importance while talking of interior design, yet we believe they help connect to your guests better. If someone comes to your place and comes across pictures of you & your family or souvenirs from different countries or anything else that depicts your story, they build an instant connection. They are not necessarily to go on the fridge but any place that you want to stick them on.

Choose schemes

Home Renovation Dubai becomes easy for the interior designer when the clients help them choose a color scheme for each room. It allows you to paint and decorate each room by the resident’s choice without drifting away from the overall look of your house. Colour schemes can be chosen as per your choice, depending on the favorite color, character, age, or Interior design you prefer.

Houseplants & lamps

Placing plants outdoor gives a lovely feel to the passersby. But where’s the freshness for the family? Keeping houseplants enables people in the house to have a fresh breath without having to go out if they don’t have enough time. Houseplants come in a variety of options to choose from, with different properties.

A lamp is another beautiful touch to the elegance of your space. It leads you to a dreamy, pleasant environment if your location is near the room plant. The perfect mix is the warmth of the light paired with the subtle aroma of the plant!


Swings are not very common, yet they look gorgeous. You can also add a hummock instead, but we suggest that you keep it for the outside. A medium-sized swing placed in the living room is a common interior design element in ancient subcontinental houses. People residing in their family homes still have those swings installed and love them. Nothing can go wrong with a swing to swing away all your worries and be a child again.

Add old things

Family is all about staying to your roots, and interior designers encourage not throwing away old, traditional pieces instead of keeping them at a highlighted place. They depict your identity, culture, and values, and are the most crucial part of Home Renovation Dubai to turn your house into a home.


Homes are close to everyone’s heart, and we all need someone who knows what makes a home different from a house. Our interior design experts at Exotic Interior Studio understand that there is no place like home and do not consider it a project.


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