How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget
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When you want to make some changes and experiment with your style, indulging in a little retail therapy might be one of the first things that come to mind. Although treating yourself to some new clothes is always nice, for those who are working with tighter budgets, hitting the nearest shopping mall or ordering from your favorite online stores could leave you worrying about your finances. If you are getting sick and tired of the clothes you’ve been wearing the last few years and would like to make some changes without breaking the bank, consider the following suggestions.

1.   Focus on Accessories

Accessories can do a lot to change the look of an outfit, helping to dress it up or make it feel more casual. While getting new accessories will still require spending some money, building up your collection of scarves, jewelry, hats, etc., could help to make your clothing more versatile. They can also be cheaper to purchase than most clothes, which makes it easier for you to focus on your accessory collection when you are working with a smaller price range.

2.   Clothes Swaps/Second-hand Stores

Another great way to update your style without going broke is by looking into clothes swaps and shopping at second-hand stores. See if there is a clothes swap being organized near you, where people will come with their unwanted clothes and hopefully leave with something another participant left behind. Alternatively, you can connect with people online who might be interested in doing this with you. When you are shopping in second-hand stores, you might not always find something you love in your size, but it is an opportunity to find some gorgeous, unique pieces and is ideal for lovers of vintage and retro styles.

3.   Modify Your Clothes

If you are skilled with a needle and thread, you could even get creative and choose to modify your current attire instead. This is a great way to give your clothes a new lease of life and can be a more sustainable approach if this is the kind of lifestyle you want to move towards. You’re not limited to changing hemlines or cutting off sleeves, either. There are other fun ways you can update your clothes, such as embroidery, adding some sparkle with sequins if you like, or even getting specialist paints for various materials, just like this Angelus paint for leather.

4.   Sell Some of Your Old Clothes

If you can’t find a clothes swap opportunity near you, why not think about selling the clothes you no longer want instead? Countless apps are dedicated to this, not to mention sites like eBay that people have been using to sell their belongings for years. It’s a great way to clear some space in your closet and make some extra cash to purchase the new styles that you truly want.

If you would like to update your style but you’re worried about being able to afford the extra expense, consider the above points and see which ones could work for you.

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