How to Avoid the Most Common Web Design Mistakes at All Costs

web design mistakes
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Are you planning to create a brand new business website?

A business website can increase brand awareness, generate more sales, and improve credibility. However, like establishing a business, building a website isn’t easy.

Studies show that 38% of users stop and leave a website if they find its design unattractive. In addition, unclear branding, poor functionality, and other factors drive potential customers away.

Are you wondering how you can create an effective website for your business? Read on to learn how you can avoid common web design mistakes.

Practice the Design-Thinking Approach

For an effective website, designers must apply a design-thinking approach in their web design process. By doing so, you can produce ideas, visualize the layout, and illustrate functions. However, what is the design-thinking approach?

Design-thinking approach is a method used to understand and identify customer needs. With this, you can set goals and determine solutions to meet them before designing. Knowing what the user needs allows you to create a quality and right website for them.

Arranging Visual Hierarchy

How do you feel when you visit a website with no order? Not planning the visual hierarchy of a page is one of the biggest web design mistakes businesses make.

Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement of elements in a website based on relevance. For instance, you often see the search bar on top and the call-to-action at the bottom. Throwing elements around your website can confuse visitors.

To improve the visual hierarchy, there are several things you can do.

First, consider the natural reading patterns of your audience and lead them to the goal. Next, use appropriate words, images, and colors for your content. You can enlarge these elements to emphasize them.

Then, ensure the sizes and spaces are appropriate for the content you produce.

Use Clear Images

Images and graphics are essential in web design. They convey messages to users without needing them to read all the displayed text. That’s why it’s vital to use clear and high-definition images on your website.

However, many businesses often disregard the importance of using clear images. Using low-quality images can ruin your page and harm your website’s performance.

In addition, using insignificant pictures and graphics can confuse the users. Use relevant and quality images on your website to make the most of your visual content.

Enhance Navigation

Good user experience is a surefire way to turn a one-time visitor into a loyal customer. You want users to find what they need when they need them, and this is possible through clean navigation. A website that is hard to navigate has more bounce rates and can cause you to lose customers.

When working on your navigation, you must keep the users in mind. Think about how they can access information fast and with ease. For instance, you can group pages and arrange them according to their relevance.

Know that the navigation structure is different for every device. With this, you must choose the best strategy that works for them. Determine what you think is ideal to ensure a good user experience on mobile and desktop.


Creating an identity is crucial to every business, especially for small business owners. Your branding is a way customers can identify you. With this, your web design must reflect the brand of your business.

However, this is one of the web design mistakes of owners when developing their websites. Many business owners choose random templates that don’t show what their business is about.

To incorporate branding into web design, determine the kind of website you want to build.

Next, you tell your story that reflects your values and vision. Relay a message to your audience that can compel them on an emotional level. Apart from this, you can use visual elements or hold events to establish your brand.

Consider imagery, color scheme, and style when designing a website. You can host competitions where customers can participate. For the event to appeal to customers, opt for a professional raffle web design.

Post Relevant Content

You need to post quality, relevant, and interesting content to drive traffic and top the rankings. The content you produce plays a vital role in your marketing and website campaign. Through this, you can tell everything about your business and the products you offer.

When posting content, think about how you must lay it out on the page. Consider the font style, text sizes, and readability of what you post. Further, make good use of the whitespace to lead the reader from one element to the other and to balance web design.

You can create an active blog on your page where you post informative and new content.

Strengthen Call-To-Action

Not including or using a weak call-to-action is one of the mistakes business owners do. A CTA serves as a signpost on a webpage, telling your visitors the next step. Without one, the user can leave your site without doing what they intend to do.

Use a compelling phrase in your website that encourages action. When thinking of a CTA, be clear and creative.

To make a compelling CTA, use action words. If you can, use persuasive writing skills to invoke emotion and create a sense of urgency. After coming up with a strong CTA, design your buttons.

Make good use of the whitespace to make your CTA stand out. Then, use a color on the button that can contrast the colors used in other areas of the page. Consider framing the CTA to create contrast.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone can create a website, but how do you make a good one? Here are some web design mistakes to avoid, so you can create an effective business website.

Do you want to learn more about building a good business website? Check out our other blog posts to learn about user experience and more.

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