What Are The Top Two EHR Software For Nephrology? Stay Tuned To Find Out!

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Nephrology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. In this article, we are going to focus on why having a good EHR is important for nephrologists. We are also going to talk about the reason why you clicked on this post which is the comparison between two Nephrology EMR software.

Before jumping into what are the two best software for Neurology, we are going to discuss some of the features that a nephrology specific EMR software should have. Device integration, Dialysis tracking, Nephrology specific templates, and real-time dashboard are some of the features that a good nephrology EHR software should have. Let’s move on to the two Nephrology EHR software that we think are the best possible options for Nephrologists. 


PrognoCIS was founded 18 years ago and is owned by Bizmatic Inc. This software is providing its services to thousands and thousands of doctors and patients. The features that it offers to Nephrologists are Dialysis templates, Flowsheets, Problem specific templates, Nephrology specific patients’ education material. These features help in identifying the condition of the patient and keeping his/her records safe in one place. Dialysis templates are also a very important feature for Nephrologists. It helps them keep a count of how many dialysis patients they are seeing each month. All the features that are provided by PrognoCIS save a nephrologist a massive amount of time and also, keep the patients on schedule and motivated. 

Furthermore, total integration is also a very important feature for kidney doctors that PrognoCIS offers its customers. A total integration would mean that the doctors can file claims, write prescriptions, and schedule their patients. It makes the experience of a patient pleasant and keeps the workflow streamlined.

Other features that this EHR software has that are not nephrology specific but still benefit nephrologists are E prescriptions, billing services, Patients’ portal referral management, interoperability, revenue cycle management, etc. All these features can help nephrologists as much as they help any other doctor. They bring so much ease and save so much of your time because all the tasks that you are doing manually are done but the software automatically leads to no waste of time. Elimination of errors is also a bonus. This EMR software also makes sure that there is a rapid increase in your productivity and all the tasks are done as efficiently as possible. If you’re a kidney doctor or in the process of becoming one, you need to check out PrognoCIS as it’s one of the top choices for Nephrology EHR software


Kareo is a cloud-based EHR software that was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading EHR software that focuses on healthcare practices. It is catering to the needs of many healthcare providers but is mostly loved by Nephrologists because of the very specific nephrology features that it offers its customers along with the other features that different EHR software has.

Kareo has amazing features to cater to the needs of Nephrologists. It lets you review and dispute dialysis orders on your mobile devices. This way you can manage all your dialysis orders on the go. It also helps to keep a track of their patients’ rounds list by location to efficiently track their day. This feature helps them keep organized and in touch with their patients’ progress. Kareo EHR also has built-in ICD coding features and receives fluid-related alerts. The coding features help you to keep your record as accurate as possible. To keep you updated on your patients’ progress and status, Kareo EHR sends you alerts to any changes in Patients status. 

Moreover, Kareo EHR gives you direct access to lab results and clinical data which is a challenge for a nephrology provider. All these Nephrology specific features help kidney doctors save so much time and make their tasks simple for them. Besides, through this software, they get to benefit from other features as well as automated messages, electronic prescriptions, better communication with patients, access to patients’ medical history, hassle-free patients’ statements, etc. All these extremely useful features will put a nephrologist at ease and will make his work relatively simpler and better. Elimination of errors and accuracy will make tasks easier and will lead to faster decision making. 


These are the top Nephrology EHR software for us and we would recommend these to anyone working with a kidney doctor or in that particular field. For Nephrology EHR software reviews and Nephrology EMR software demo, you can always visit Software Finder

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