What Do You Learn in Automotive Schools?

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If you have made up your mind to become a mechanic, then you must enrol yourself in an automotive school. The automotive mechanic courses teach you a lot of intricacies of this profession. As an automotive technician, you will learn both the theoretical part of the underlying physics and mechanics and also the hands-on practice of the technical skills you will acquire during the course. A lot of these things are learnt in class 7 mot that gives you an in-depth knowledge of how a car works. Keep on reading to find out what can you expect from these courses.

Auto Mechanics

You will find many of these courses in many degree programs. These are the courses which teach the students on the basic functioning of cars and more advanced levels, ways to maintain and properly fix them. They will also teach you the necessary tools and the proper way to use them. If you are interested in these courses, we will advise you to take math and computer classes before entering these courses as they are essential.

Tools in Automotive Mechanics

These courses give special emphasis on the tools use to repair and maintain the car as people working in this industry should be acquainted with a wide range of tools that can range from simple wrenches to more complex measuring tools and machinery. Mechanics use many power tools, automatic tools and even complex computer diagnostic systems that are covered in the majority of these courses. These courses will give you a bright idea of using the right tool for the right job.

Automotive Mechanics Systems

The crux of these courses lies in learning about automotive systems. In these courses, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of different parts of the car which we will discuss later. Although what you will exactly learn in the course will depend on the course itself and the institution offering it. To give you a general idea you can expect these in your courses

  • Braking knowledge
  • Detailed discourse on air conditioning
  • Transmissions both manual and automatic
  • Engine performance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Suspension and steering control
  • Emissions control

If you enrol yourself in premium courses you may also get a bonus to learn about body reparation techniques which will include collision repairing and body repainting as well

Science and Math

If you are doing the course as part of your degree then you will also get the chance to learn about math and physics involved in auto mechanics. In a standalone course, you will find that vocational math and physics are also a part of the course. The most common topics you will be discussing will be the electronics and how they come in play in an automotive. This will also involve some technical math related to the working of automotive mechanics.

MOT Testing Level 2

The class 7 mot will train you to be qualified for the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). This course covers the best practices to work under relationships with vehicle testing centres and safe practices in running your private firm. This will equip you with the knowledge to do a full vehicle test.

You can expect to learn the following:

  • MOT 201: Safe practices in the field
  • MOT 202: Working relationships with automotive test centres
  • MOT 203: Establishing one’s development as a private vehicle tester
  • MOT 204: Pre-test checks, and establishing a car for road fitness
  • MOT 205: Carry out the tests for roadworthiness

These courses will include MCQs and a practical test as well. To clear you will have to pass both of them.
After this course, you will be eligible for the third level of the course. People who will pass these tests will officially have the license for MOT testing.

If you are committed to your profession and really want to learn something that will help you benefit in your career, then we recommend taking the MOT test course as it equips you with all the essentials and in-depth knowledge of automotive testing. Moreover, you officially get the license to MOT test the vehicles for their roadworthiness which can lead to many bright opportunities in career.

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