What Is an Ultrabook and Is It Better Than a Laptop?

what is an ultrabook
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Did you know that more than 60% of students complain that their backpacks are putting too much strain on their bodies?

Books can weigh down bags, but it’s becoming more common for laptops to take the blame. Older laptops, often used for school and work, use outdated tech that is heavy and inefficient. If you’re looking for a laptop replacement, the Ultrabook should be at the top of your list.

Keep reading to learn about what is an Ultrabook and if you should invest in one!

What Is an Ultrabook?

If you’re wondering, what is an Ultrabook, it’s essentially an alternative to a laptop or desktop computer.

Ultrabooks are made by Intel, a leading company in the tech industry. These computers are part of Intel’s premium options, you won’t be disappointed with the system. Ultrabooks are the future of laptop technology, they are some of the thinnest and most powerful computers on the market.

Since Ultrabooks use the latest tech, they have nearly all the capabilities of a standard laptop. Some people compare the Ultrabook to Macbook Air computers. The Ultrabook, however, is much more affordable and doesn’t sacrifice capabilities.

Ultrabook Size

One of the largest differences between an Ultrabook vs laptop is their sizes.

Although you can find a variety of sizes in laptops, Ultrabooks are typically thinner and lighter. Ultrabooks are built up to 1.5 cm thick, which doesn’t take up much space. Some laptops are much larger and thicker, which can be heavy to carry around.

Many people buy the Intell Pro Ultrabook since it’s lightweight. Whether you’re a student walking around campus or juggling meetings at work all day, the size won’t be an issue.

Notebook laptops have been the smallest device unless you get a tablet or smartphone. The Ultrabook made waves in the tech community since it created an even more mobile-friendly laptop.

Most Ultrabooks are 12 to 13.3 inches wide, which is comparable to Macbook sizes.

Processing Comparison

Ultrabooks are built with an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor.

Prices vary depending on which processor you get, but you can rely on these laptop alternatives. Laptops, especially older models, don’t have strong processors, which impacts loading speeds. The Ultrabook is quick and can help you become more efficient.

With a strong processor, you can use multiple programs simultaneously. Editing photos and videos is simple with the i5 or i7 models. Photoshop is compatible with Ultrabooks, making it a popular option for graphic designers and artists.

Ultrabooks contain innovative SSDs that increase storage space. You won’t have to purchase more space on the cloud when you invest in an Ultrabook.

Battery Life

If you’re comparing battery life between a laptop or Ultrabook, the latter will take the win.

Ultrabooks work more efficiently, which preserves the battery life. You can expect Ultrabooks to last two to five times longer than a normal computer would. As long as you get your battery serviced over the years, it should maintain its strength and work as a long-term computer.

Newer CPUs installed in Ultrabooks require less power to run your computer. You can get almost immediate results and spend less time near an outlet when charging your device.

Operating System

Whether you’re a fan of iOS, Microsoft, or Google, you won’t have any issues adapting to an Ultrabook.

Ultrabooks use Microsoft Windows programs, which many schools and businesses use in the United States. Microsoft is a reliable platform that can connect to your contacts, cloud, and files. You can take a look at Ultrabooks Under 1000 dollars to learn more about their operating system.

Microsoft Windows is great for all types of users since it provides extra security. If you own a business and want to keep your confidential info safe, these laptops are a great solution. Microsoft also allows plenty of customization features, which speed up production and efficiency.

Comparing Prices

Ultrabooks might not be the cheapest laptop in the stores, however, it’s well worth the price.

Depending on the retailer, you can expect to pay just under or around $1,000 for a new Ultrabook. Since these computers last a while, you don’t have to invest in another computer in the next year or two.

Used and refurbished Ultrabooks are rare to come across, but they can help you save money. This is a perfect way to discover if you’re comfortable using Microsoft Windows and a smaller device.

Don’t forget to ask retailers about student, teacher, and military discounts!

Ultrabook Style

If you’re looking for a new and sleek computer, you should look at the Ultrabook section.

Ultrabooks come in silver, rose gold, and black, but you can add any type of stylish cover as protection. With the slim style, Ultrabooks are created with ergonomics in mind. You might notice fewer carpal tunnel symptoms since your wrists won’t be lifted as high as they are using other laptops.

Unlike many other laptops, you won’t pay for unnecessary materials. The screen takes up most of the space on the top half of the computer, instead of having a small screen surrounded by a frame.

Invest in the Best

Learning more about what is an Ultrabook can help you invest in the best computer.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get an efficient operating system and powerful battery. Ultrabooks are the future of laptops, their slim design and sleek style make them perfect for students and employees.

If you’re a student or graphic designer, this is an excellent device that includes everything you need.

Be sure to read our blog for more info about the latest tech and laptops!

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