What legal steps should I take to protect my mobile app idea

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Presently, the world has about 2.5 billion smartphone users and this number has been rising rapidly. With the rising number of users, the app development market is also expanding exponentially. For instance, experts predict that the app market will have a value of $120 billion by the end of 2020. So, these numbers are enough to justify the value of a revolutionary app idea in this competitive segment. However, it also shows the massive risks that you will have if you don’t secure your idea properly. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the various solutions on how to protect an app idea.

How to protect an app idea legally

As a developer, you will know that app clones aren’t a strange thing. For instance, if you browse the play store for an application, you will find hundreds of similar applications. These apps create confusion among the users, and the original app loses a massive market share. So, let us take a look at some of the effective ways to protect your idea’s rights.

Create a non-disclosure agreement

A single person can’t create an application and perform all the processes related to it. So, you have to share your ideas with a group of people. However, you can’t do this process freely if you fear that they might steal your idea. The best way to eliminate this fear is to sign a contract that binds them. In simple terms, with a non-disclosure contract, you have the supreme power on the information that they can discuss with other people.

Start the app development process

The first step to secure your app idea is to turn it into a real application. An agreement can protect an application, but there is no way in which you can use any legal document to protect an idea. So, you need to develop the application if you want to apply for any legal protection on it.

Sign the copyrights with freelancers

The idea may belong to you, but you have to hire various people to create the application. Thus, they are legally the first owners of the application as they are developing it. So, you must ensure that you get a copyright claim signed once the application is ready. It will help to eliminate any form of trouble in the future path of the mobile app.

Create and register the trademark of your app’s name and logo

While browsing the app store, you will see various applications with the same logo and name. While developing your dream application, you might come across a similar experience. So, you must have a registered name and logo. It will help you prove your claim if you take any legal action against a company trying to clone your application.

File a patent application

A patent is an easiest and most effective way to protect your creation. For instance, no developer can remake or resale your application without your permission after a successful patent. A patent is valid for 20 years, and you have to renew it after that. Thus, a patent will eliminate all worries about anyone stealing your application, and it will enable you to market it and sell it without any concerns. Furthermore, we recommend you carefully select the patent attorney to ensure that you can successfully fill the application.

Track developers that your clone your idea

It would help if you kept an active note of all developers developing a clone of your application or might do so in the future. This data will help you to take legal action if necessary. Thus, this process is critical if you want to continue your dominance over the market. Eliminating your competitors or illegal rivals is an important step to ensure that you have the supreme control of your business.

Ensure that your idea isn’t a clone

We discussed to ensure that no one is copying you. Similarly, it is vital that your product is unique as well, and you don’t end up copying someone. In such a case, the process will be the same for you, and you will have to face a copyright claim. Thus, you will end up losing the identity of your business and incur a severe loss. An easy way to avoid this is to stop focusing on popular applications at the moment. Instead, you should focus on the applications that don’t exist and can be of great help, if created.

The verdict

App development involves various processes, and it is impossible to keep it a secret until the product is ready. So, we discussed the best ways to help you stop worrying about someone stealing your app idea. Thus, we can conclude that it is essential to protect your mobile app idea legally.  This article will help you to get all the answers about how to protect an app idea legally.

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