What to Do When Your Kid Hates Haircuts in 2021?

What to Do When Your Kid Hates Haircuts in 2021?
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Children, especially toddlers, are usually scared of haircuts. You would usually see them cry out loud at the mere sight of haircutting scissors. A fair share of parents has faced such a situation where they do not know what to do. We have a few tips that can help you cut down the haircut trauma of your toddler. Explore here the best toddler boy haircuts.

1. Ease The Fear:

  • Try not to use the word ‘cut’ in front of kids. They relate the word cut to pain and misery. You can go with words like ‘trim’ or ‘styling’.
  • Try showing the kid beforehand how it looks or feels to get a haircut. You can take a toy doll with you. Take turns cutting hair of both. Watching their favorite toy getting the same treatment might ease the fear.
  • A parent, either mother or father, should accompany the toddler. Make them watch you getting a haircut. It might help them know that it is okay. Get your toddler in your lap during the haircut. It keeps the baby calm.

2. Go With The Pros:

  • Get a look in your area for a children’s salo or any place that caters to kids. Such salons usually have tons of distractions for kids, such as toys, cartoon movies. Make sure the barber is professional that can keep up with the kid’s hustle without hurting him.

3. Get Tricky:

  • Cut a deal with your toddler in turn of getting the haircut. For example, you can reward him with something if he behaves. A little intimidation can work too. Make someone take them away if they bring a hard time for you during a haircut.
  • Another small yet efficient trick is to do it while your toddler is asleep. If your kid is not a light sleeper, this trick might come in handy.

4. Sweeten The Deal:

  • Sweets can never go wrong! Bring your toddler a lollipop or a candy. It will distract the kids, and you can do the job.
  • A movie or cartoon works well too. Play a movie for your kid, and while they are it, get the haircut done. You can also promise some kind of reward if the kids behave well.

5. Find A Distraction:

  • Distraction works like magic for parents that need their kids to get a haircut. Give your toddlers some stickers or building blocks to play with. While they are busy at it, you can sneak it to get their hair off.
  • A great trick is to do it in the bathtub. When the hair is wet, you can cut them efficiently, and the mess is easy to clean as well. Also, your kid will be too distracted with the bath to get notice of the haircut.

6. Do It In Pieces:

If your kid is the one that does not sit calmly long enough to get a haircut, this trick might come in handy. Do it in pieces; For example, trim the bangs one time, and cut off the sides after some time. This way, your kid would not notice much that they are getting a haircut.

The most important part of the answer to what to do when your kid doesn’t like his or her hair is to realize that the problem may not be as bad as it seems. You just need to make sure that whatever it is doesn’t affect him or her negatively.

7. Work It Out Slowly:

We spend our days telling our kids that scissors are dangerous then bring these scissors for their haircut. Understandably, they would panic and hate haircuts. Talk to your kid and tell them that haircuts are not that bad or painful. Reassure your child often that you are with them. This way, the kids can overcome their fears and face the world bravely.

For more efficient tips on getting your toddler a haircut, visit Mrkidshaircuts.com. This site contains everything you need to know to get your kid a decent haircut.

If you want to know what to do when your kid hates hair cuts, it’s probably because you’ve made quite a few bad ones yourself. Perhaps your son or daughter doesn’t like the way they look in their hair short or long. Perhaps they think it’s a sign of growing up. In any case, they don’t want to have to deal with someone cutting their hair.


One thing that you can do when your kid doesn’t like his or her hair is to encourage him or her to do more than the standard “trimming” routine. Usually, this involves dividing the hair into smaller groups and having each child try to achieve different styles using the pieces he or she has. When this isn’t an option, you can also take turns doing it. Go along one day, have your child’s hair cut, and then get someone else to do the same the next day.

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