What to Know Before Getting Monitor Lizards as Pets

monitor lizards as pets
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Keeping reptiles as pets is gaining popularity in the United States, with an estimated 4.5 million households having a pet lizard. The pet monitor lizard is one of the most popular lizards to consider when adding a new pet to your home. These large lizards make a welcome addition to your family, but learning proper monitor lizard care is critical.

There’s much to learn about having monitor lizards as pets, especially if you come from a background of dogs and cats. Learning the diet and habitat to keep your lizard happy will help you understand how to care for your new pet.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful resource to learn everything you should know when adopting a monitor lizard. Continue reading to prepare your home and family for your new pet today!

Monitor Lizard Habitat

The habitat is crucial when adopting a monitor lizard as a pet. Getting all the necessary supplies before bringing your lizard home is wise. Invest in an enclosure, a heat lamp, and the proper vegetation to make your monitor lizard comfortable in its new home.

A basking lamp is another necessity for a comfortable and healthy pet. The light will keep the enclosure between 110 and 130 degrees. Position this lamp above a log or large rock so your lizard can bask in delight.

Monitor Lizard Diet

Your monitor lizard’s diet depends on size, age, and health. Younger monitor lizards should eat between five and seven times weekly. Focus on gut-loaded insects like these¬†hissing cockroaches for sale. These insects are filled with calcium, essential to give your lizard nutrients.

Adult monitor lizards eat once weekly. Their diets consist of a dead mouse and a few live insects for a balanced and healthy diet. Ensure you allow the frozen mouse to thaw before feeding your monitor lizard.

Monitor Lizard Care

Exercise is a massive component of welcoming a monitor lizard into your family. Monitor lizards love swimming, so consider building a swimming station for your lizard to get the necessary exercise. An hour of exercise is a good rule of thumb for a healthy lizard.

You can also create a small outdoor garden where your lizard will play and thrive. Fill a small pool with warm water and let your lizard frolic. Monitor the outside temperature to keep your lizard safe.

You’ll also need to remain diligent with cleaning your lizard’s enclosure. Use coconut shavings as a substrate for enjoyable digging and waste absorption. Clean the compartment every two months to keep your monitor lizard healthy and happy.

Consider Adopting Monitor Lizards as Pets

Monitor lizards look intimidating, but they make excellent pets if you understand them and how to provide proper care. Ensure you have an enclosed space when adopting monitor lizards as pets, and provide a healthy and balanced diet of insects and dead mice. Clean its enclosure every two months, and invest in a heat lamp and basking lamp for a comfortable living space.

Adopting pets is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your family and learn more about nature. Check out more of our Health and Travel content to learn about other ways to add excitement and value to your life today!

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