Which mouth-watering Indian dishes are enjoyed by people?

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When you visit India, then along with the variation in the places, you will get to taste variations in the food as well. The food preferences of the people are different from one region to another. Some people like ‘this’ Indian dish, while others like ‘that’. So this is the main reason that the Indian restaurant in Seattle has incorporated all the food items which are famous in India. Here are some of the dishes which, according to the famous chef of the Indian restaurant in Kirkland, are liked by people across the world.

Which mouth-watering Indian dishes are enjoyed by people?

So here we begin:

Palak paneer

Whenever you want to have a typical Indian meal, then one special dish is there which you are sure to order and that is Palak Paneer. This is prepared by preparing the puree of the spinach and in that the cubes of the cheese are put. The creamy texture of the spinach puree when combined with the deliciousness of the paneer or cheese is alone enough to satisfy your taste buds.



Samosa is one of the starters and the famous appetizer which every Indian finds delectable. The crusty covering when tasted along with the tender, soft and spicy patio filling makes the taste of the samosa go awe.


Matar Paneer

Paneer is the king of Indian cuisine.  It is prepared with the special method that the individuals just step into the food paradise when enjoyed with the closed eyes.


Aloo ka paratha

This is the famous Punjabi dish that is usually enjoyed by people all over India. On Sundays, people want nothing but the aloo ka paratha. This is prepared by incorporating the mashed potato stuffing in the roti.


Coriander and mint chutney

The delectable coriander and the mint chutney is prepared as the side dish. Whenever you want to have something refreshing and rejuvenating, then you should count on including this variation in your meal.



Lassi is also a famous dish of Punjab. It is prepared by continuously churning the curd. It can be served either in the salty version or in the sweet version as per the taste of the individual.


Daal Baati

This is the famous dish of Rajasthan. Prepared by frying the balls of wheat which are served along with the daal.


Dahi Vada

The Wada is prepared by frying the overnight soaked urad dal. Afterwards, these are put in the water which has the nice flavour of asafoetida. When these go in the mouth with the curd, then the bombarding flavours satisfies your taste buds.


Idli sambar

I don’t think that there would be any person in the world who does not know how idli sambar tastes. The plain taste of the idli compliments the tangy taste of the sambar very well.


Bottom Line

If we forgot to mention any famous dish, then please let us know. We shall try to put that in our upcoming articles.

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