Which situations call your action to take up the In-Vitro-Fertilisation treatment?

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People are believing in the myth that if they are perpetually failing to conceive with a healthy baby, then it means they have to undergo IVF treatment. No doubt the people who are continuously failing to achieve conception usually rely on the Assisted reproductive technology oriented treatment or infertility treatment. But it surely does not indicate that IVF is the only kind of such treatment. When you visit an IVF centre in Punjab, then the fertility experts will help you to get acquainted with the various fertility procedures. But you will be treated based on the one which is matching your health condition. So that is why, it is recommended to approach the best and the reputed infertility clinic in Ludhiana, so that you may get done with the correct evaluation of your infertile condition.

Which situations call your action to take up the In-Vitro-Fertilisation treatment?

When should you consider taking up IVF treatment?

Usually, the other ART like the ICSI and IUI also help to achieve the healthy conception, but there are certain conditions in which the IVF treatment is said to be the first-line treatment.

So here are those conditions:


Severe male infertility

In case, the male mating partner is suffering from various infertility problems which may include morphological problems in the sperm, low amount of sperm production and no sperm generation at all. In these conditions, either ICSI or IVF is deemed as the responsive solution to this problem. The IVF is taken into account if along with the male factor infertility, the female is suffering from some kind of abnormality in the structural and functional problems in the reproductive system.


Severe Tubal diseases

The fallopian tubes are the ones that play a quintessentially effective role in the conception process. It does not only help in the fertilization process but apart from that, the embryo is supposed to get implanted in the uterus after getting transported through the fallopian tubes.


Greater risk of passing the genetic diseases

If either of the mating partners is at high risk of passing the genetic diseases to their offspring, then undergoing the IVF treatment helps them to get their embryo genetically tested before implanting it in the uterus.



If you and your partner were not ready to conceive in the reproductive years, then you must have taken cryopreservation into account. When you are ready to conceive then you can make use of the preserved eggs or the sperm for the development of the embryo.


Requirement of the gestational carrier

The gestational carrier is the womb. When the womb of the biological mother is not able to support the weight of the growing embryo then the womb of the other woman is considered for conception. This process is known as surrogacy. But do not get it wrong: the biological mother is the one whose eggs are being used for the embryo development, not the one who is nourishing the child in the womb.

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