Why 11 Plus Preparation is Very Important for Kids?

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There are institutes that are offering 11 plus preparation that are very useful for the parents that want their students to enter the rammer schools fully prepared. For those who don’t know, eleven plus is a kind of exams for the primary students. That is held at the end of their primary education. In the basis of 11 plus exams, they get admission in the grammar schools as well as secondary schools. It is common in England and Northern Ireland.

The students usually at the age of 11 to 12 turn to grammar schools from their primary education. Therefore, it is usually known as eleven-plus preparation. This system was common across the UK but now 11 plus exams are taken in only the boroughs and counties in the UK where selective schools are available rather than comprehensive schools system. These exams are taken while the student transfers from the primary schools to grammar schools therefore, these are also known as transfer tests.

Why 11 plus preparation is important?

Eleven-plus exams/tests can help the parents and teachers to determine the student’s ability to solve different problems through a verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning test. These papers usually come in English and mathematics. The basic purpose of introducing 11 plus tests was to identify the intellectual abilities of a student like IQ test. However, with the changes in its objectives. Now it is mainly taken to improve and check the curriculum skills of the students of the age of 11-12 years. It is the basic tool that helps to determine the aptitude of a student for school work and education.

The preparation for 11 plus exams is very important in which the students learn so many things that can result in their mental, physical, intellectual, and other abilities. All parents want to see their kids studying in a school where they fit and can study without any mental or the discomforts. So if you want to prepare your kids for technical, grammar, or secondary modern school. You have to prepare them in the 11 plus period.

What is the basic purpose of eleven-plus?

Different students have different abilities and interests. Some students are likely to study in technical schools and some in secondary modern and grammar schools accordingly. How would the parents know which school system is best for them accordingly to their abilities? For this purpose, 11 plus exams were introduced in 1944. Each schooling requires different skills of the students. Parents should not put their students into schools of cross abilities. It wouldn’t result in positive results in the future unless the student adopts the required abilities and attitude required in that specific schooling system.

Therefore, 11 plus preparation is very helpful and common in England and Ireland. If you want to prepare your kids for 11 plus exams. You can find a reliable and popular institute that is offering such services and courses. Different tuition centres also offer eleven-plus preparation you can contact them online and ask them the terms & conditions as well as the way they teach the students.

Recommendations for 11 plus tuition

If you are going to get admission of your kids in a tuition Centre for 11 plus. You need to choose the best tuition Centre. For this purpose, you may check the website of different tuition center’s offering eleven-plus preparation. After that, you can check the environment they are providing to the students and teachers during the tuition hours. In this way, you can easily determine which tuition Centre is best for your kids. However, there are some tuition centers offering high quality services at competitive prices. You may also check their prices according to their service quality.

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