Why do students drop out of college?

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The rate at which students drop out of college has increased in recent years. One out of four students drop out of their colleges. This brings the question, why are students dropping out of college?

In today’s education system, universities and college education is regarded to be the key to success. This mounts a lot of pressure on students. You must achieve your academic goals to be successful in the future. Various essay writing services help students achieve their academic goals but this does not reduce the rate of exits.

Besides the pressure of achieving your goals, there are other reasons found to increase the rate of drop outs. Some say its lack of enough money, time or personal emergencies. A recent case study shows there are other numerous reasons. This article has discussed some of the reasons that lead to most dropouts.

  1. Expensive school fees

Education has become relatively expensive in recent times with advancement in technology. New tools and techniques of doing things have been developed. To be at par with these developments, colleges and universities have raised tuition fees to extreme levels.

The only cry coming from parents and students is, I cannot pay my tuition fees. To afford tuition fees, you are forced to apply for student loans. High tuition fees skyrocket your debts which leads to dropouts.

  1. Not ready academically

Many students are not prepared for the academic life. Some say it is difficult while others fail to adapt. Cases of unpreparedness affect many first-year students. Imagine being used to live with your parents and friends but you are admitted to a college 500 miles away.

Adapting to such kind of life is difficult. It brings loneliness and homesickness. You may take a lot of time before you make new friends and form relationships. This loneliness leads to dropping out of college. A report in 2016 indicated that 50% of students in the US dropped out of college without completing their studies.

  1. Overwhelming assignments and unhappiness

There are unending assignments in colleges. Lecture after lecture, a new assignment is given. These assignments have a timeline that you must meet. Failure to submit your homework in time leads to failure or expulsion.

When you have more than two assignments in a day, pressure increases. Time becomes a liability. You want sometime for rest but you cannot get it. This leads to stress and unhappiness which lead to quitting college.

Sometimes you don’t have to quit. You can ask for assignment help from a friend, a colleague or even your professor. They will help, guide and show you the right path to follow.

  1. Demotivating environment

Boring environment is a popular reason why students quit high school and colleges. When you feel less engaged and lonely, an option to find a more engaging place pops in your mind. A student interviewed by GradNation.org said that colleges do not care if you attended a class or not.

Lack of motivation in colleges also makes college life boring. No recognition, no follow-up, no outcome-based education. No one cares what happens to you. This kills your urge to learn and ultimately you will drop out.

There are two types of motivation barriers. External barriers include lack of social activities, fear of isolation and absence of peer collaboration. Internal barriers are characterized by less engaging school environment.

  1. Choosing the wrong course

Finding the right course to pick is a difficult process. A recent research shows that more than 80% of university students change their majors in the course of the study. It is an issue that requires attention.

It is a wastage of time to take a course only to realize later that is not what you wanted. Students should be taught and advised about picking courses long before joining colleges and universities. This may be a step in minimizing the rate of dropouts.

  1. Family issues

Families are very useful when going to college. They are your support pillars when you need any encouragement. To some students, this is not the case.

Family emergencies may occur in the course of your learning. You have to leave school for a while to address the problem. Learning will not stop and you will be left behind by others. Large amounts of work load when you come back will be overwhelming. This might increase stress which can lead to quitting.

Even though your professor might understand your situation, catching up with others will be a problem. With a good strategy and hard determination, you can still achieve your academic goals.

To sum up

There are many issues that can lead to college dropouts. Tuition fees, pressure from professors, choosing wrong courses, family issues to name a few. This should not be the case. Seeking help and speaking out will relieve most of these problems.

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