Why is GIIS an award winning preschool in Bangalore?

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Choosing a preschool in Bangalore can be quite easy if you are sure about what you are looking for. And it is important to know that preschools also have different curriculums and are not just built around a single framework. When you are aware of these different curriculums, you can choose the one that you believe will suit your child the most.

What should a pre-school provide?

Apart from providing a sound foundation on literacy and numeracy skills, a good preschool curriculum should include extra-curricular activities and activities inside the classroom that involve group play, etiquette, social skills, and other tools that help in improving their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and pre-reading skills. These are some of the most valuable skills that determine the success of the child in his/her future class grades.

GIIS’s preschool, Bangalore

The Global Indian International School offers a unique program called the Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP) which has been designed to cater to a holistic education to help children gain these important skills in order to be prepared for higher classes. 

The Global Indian International school also imbibes the 5 pillars into its curriculum and these pillars act as a solid foundation where children learn not just academics but other important concepts and ideas that are necessary to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

The five pillars consist of the Excelerate program, iPlay Programme, iCare program, Multi-Faceted learning and Future-ready program.

Apart from the most important skills that are mentioned above, these pillars also help young children understand their environment and the importance of preserving it. There are other social awareness concepts too that are taught under the five pillars of the GMP program.

Why is it among the best international schools in Bangalore?

The Global Indian International School has a state-of-the-art campus with the latest technological innovations inside the premises. Apart from the Montessori classroom, the school offers virtual labs that are engaging and fun. The school has a host of extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities and there are individual spaces for each of these activities. The GMP does not limit itself to the Montessori curriculum but also spreads its wings to other futuristic skills which help children get familiar with the latest age-appropriate technologies while learning their lessons.

GIIS also has a unique 9GEMS framework, which it uses along with the curriculum to provide a platform for students to improve their overall development. These 9 GEMS are very useful in the current world, where academics alone will not get you anywhere. Along with this, you need to be smart with technology, communication skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and other important aspects of society like environmental awareness, community development, and care. This award-winning framework has worked wonders for the children of GIIS and initiatives like these often speak positively about the school.

How to apply for GIIS’s Bangalore Preschool, Bangalore?

In order to apply for GIIS, you can fill up the online application that is available on their website admissions page and once this is done, you can wait for a call or a revert from the school admissions department for further steps and information.

You can opt for a virtual tour of the campus to get a gist of the facilities available or you can walk into the school with a prior appointment for a physical tour of the campus.


GIIS has consistently won awards for its contribution to innovative education and has also built a strong foothold in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Japan, etc. It is truly among the best international schools in Bangalore and will remain so if it continues imbibing award-winning strategies and frameworks for the benefit of its students.

GIIS Preschool, Bangalore offers the best Montessori curriculum there is and justifies it by its awards for the GMP Framework

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