Why Most People Prefer cPanel Hosting

cpanel hosting isbest choice of people
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Nowadays everyone has its own website who runs a business. For business, it is necessary to build a website to create an online presence. And to the hosted website they need a good hosting provider.

There are many hosting providers in the market, before selecting hosting for a website you need to know the best hosting provider and which is the best hosting for your website. Most people prefer cPanel hosting for their websites.

In the following discussion, we will discuss why a lot of people recommend going for a host with cPanel and why cPanel. In order to help you choose control panel so deal with Domainracer.com hosting plans for your special necessities

The following are the different points that explain to you briefly why most people prefer cPanel hosting.

What Is cPanel Hosting And Why Most User Look 

cPanel is one of the famous online Linux-based hosting services. cPanel permits you to host websites for your business. Provide features to handle web files, create email accounts, reset the password, and user friendly, manage domains, simple login process, etc.

Non-technical people also manage cPanel hosting easily. The cPanel controller panel has become easily the most used hosting control tool inside the business. Easily and productively handle and manage your internet site in just about any internet web browser.

You are going to have the ability to bring a straight back from your whole site at one single click on and deal with your files, install FTP accounts, and make an email account, entry internet site server figures, place up and take care of documents and also more. It is very simple to make use of an online control panel for the website hosting accounts.

In the market number of companies available that provide hosting services, DomainRacer is one of the best companies that provide cheap cPanel hosting and also all types of hosting with different exciting plans.

Let’s see the reason why cPanel is the best web hosting control panel and why people select cPanel.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of cPanel is easy and simple to understand, also for people who have not ever utilized the hosting control panel, for them, this is helpful. Additionally, it supplies numerous topics, which means you should have a few to pick from.

You may entirely personalize the subject you decide to receive it the way you desire. This control panel is about ease. Any job you wish to reach in cPanel may be finished with one click. Establishing new databases, publication factors is possible.

To Fetch a new program in cPanel, is just simply click on a single button. You wish to put WordPress on your internet website, whatever you should do is just click on the WP icon on your dashboard and it is very simple.

File Management

Even the excellent GUI based record manager who offers cPanel comes with an exact simple style and layout and that is easily understood by new users. You are going to be capable of using this document manager to add a download, compress, delete, permission, change and also great services.

The document supervisor of one’s controller panel will go to be more important, and also that one is going to supply you with an excellent encounter.

FTP Accounts

The add-on FTP account will make it possible for a user to keep the programmer usage of a certain folder, that may be quite helpful and suitable.

This will give you additional safety since there isn’t any requirement to talk about cPanel consideration facts for progress operations. Protection is surely something you need to remember. DomainRacer provides secure File permission for the website.

Database Management

There are various features that cPanel makes very simple, for example, database production, person production, accessibility permissions and more. You must not have any issues with carrying these activities even in the event that you’re an entire and completely new.

There’s additionally PHPMyAdmin, which will be user friendly and excellent for anyone who has never utilized the hosting control panel previously.

Good Support System

Another reason cPanel is a trusted web hosting control panel. It provides standard service that’s quite easy to attain if you want it. If you’re within the procedure for seeking a strong hosting control panel, then service is unquestionably likely to become an essential point.

Customer support of cPanel hosting provider company DomainRacer is best. They are always ready to serve their customers. Provide a five-plus type of media support.

cPanel Based On Linux

cPanel is based on Linux is simply one more thing to cherish about it. A developer is just as entrepreneurs will all reveal to you that Linux is a definitive stage for the web. It offers a more prominent measure of opportunity and adaptability, particularly when contrasted with numerous other working frameworks.

If you appreciate this type of opportunity, you will need to try investigating cPanel. The individuals who are now acquainted with Linux as a working framework will have the option to see the useful similitudes. Set up your online hosting company with helpful hints of cpanel reseller hosting packages.

Email Features

You may notice that cPanel offers lots of awesome features that may help out you along with your entire email address. You’re going to be in a position to make your email account, also include alter or eliminate your email account.

You can modify passwords, block undesirable emails and filter content that is unwanted. If it involves email, cPanel is certainly the most useful to their most appropriate for hosting management services.

Secure IMAP email services, Aliases, email group services are provided by DomainRacer.

Simple To Maintain

You’ll find several different capabilities attached to its explicit aim of the blog. You are going to have the capability to put in and install extensions in addition to make a personalized error page, or see the host status and also insert open domain name, create an add on domain name or delete and add a FTP account.

You also may see there are multiple protection features contained within the hosting control panel, like to produce protected passwords, either disable or enable surfing programs, block or disable IP addresses, and also even alter the password together with the cPanel accounts. Protection is vital as it regards your hosting control panel.

Security Factor

CPanel is protected. The applications themselves prevent hosting clients from performing any such thing insecure or illegal. It’ll not permit you to create some substantial harm, but irrespective of what you simply just click on inside.

We have spoken about copies ahead, however, we won’t eliminate highlighting how crucial they’ve been. A recent copy of the website can spare you when you crash into a mistake, in the event you by chance delete a vital document from error, and also even when an internet site becomes assaulted.

Security is an important factor, choose a company who provides the best security services to the customer. Cheap cPanel hosting provider that is DomainRacer provides various security tools as Secured by ModSecurity and MagicSpam Pro.


Hope that all given information is helpful for you and clear your question of what is cPanel and why do I need it.

There are a number of reasons to select cPanel hosting. The good selection of hosting creates a good impact on your website and helps to earn more, cPanel is a good choice for everyone, not requiring too much knowledge of technical.

In the above discussion, we clearly understand cPanel hosting provides everything that we want. And it is very easy to understand and manage. With this, if you get all other extraordinary features and good customer support then you must once visit DomainRacer.

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