Yummy Dinner Recipes You Can Make for Your Sister on Bhai Dooj

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There are plenty of days in a year when your sister makes something very delicious to surprise you. On this Bhai Dooj, it is your turn to make sure that she is surprised by your booking skills. Yes, you can make something very delicious for her to amaze her in the best way. This is your only chance to let her know that you, too, love her a lot and can do anything for your dearest sister. It is quite reasonable for a guy to get perplexed for what to cook and what to not. Therefore, we have come up with a list of recipes that you can surprise your sister with yummy dinner. These are yummy, lip-smacking, and very delicious to feed on. We hope that this bhai dooj gift of yours is enough for you to surprise her. 

Soya Keema Roll

It is a fascinating and delicious dinner recipe that you can undoubtedly make at home very quickly. People have loved soya Keema Roll for ages, and they still binge on them like hell. To make this yummy thing, you need to warm a non-stick saucepan and add 2 tbsp of oil. Then add in some mustard seeds into the hot oil along with cumin seeds. Next, you will be adding a lot of veggies, like cabbages, capsicum, green chilies, beans, and carrots, and then saute it for 10-15 minutes. After done with this, sprinkle some soy sauce, tomato ketchup, and salt to it. Mix it nicely and then warm a chapati. Stuff this as a filling into the chapati and roll it. There you are done with your yummy soya keema roll that you can serve with green chutney.


Who does not love Biryani? What can be better than serving Biryani to your sister for her dinner? She will love it and pat you on the back for such a yummy treat. You can watch plenty of Youtube tutorials for making Biryani. However, we will suggest using the best basmati rice and the most flavored Biryani masala, which satiates your sister’s taste buds. We bet that after eating plates full of Biryani, she will praise you until the next Birayni feast.

Chicken Curry

If your sister is a freaking crazy fan of non-veg food, what can be better than a chicken curry? Surprise her on this special occasion with a delectable chicken curry recipe. You need to ensure that the chicken is appropriately cleaned and add in the strongest flavors you can for making this curry the tastiest one. Your sister will hug you for this dinner and ask you to make it often for her.

Gulab Jamun

Although we know that gulab jamun is not a dinner recipe, we can still call it a dinner dessert. How can we end our celebrations without having a bite of sweet and yummy gulab jamuns? You can make a bowl of syrupy and spongy gulab jamun for your dearest sister. This dinner dessert surprise gets doubled up when you add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it.

Thai Noodles

Are you the one who is an expert in making Chinese food such as Manchurian or noodles? If yes, then try making some yummy Thai noodles for her. It is the simplest recipe anyone can think of. You only need to add oil and heat it. Then add sliced garlic to it and saute it. Next, you will add veggies that are usually added to Chinese food. Along with this, you will also add the boiled Thai noodles to it. Saute it nicely and then sprinkle vinegar, salt, soya sauce for strong flavors. Once all of it is done, serve it in a bowl.
These were some of my favorite dinner recipes that you can surprise your sister with on this Bhai Dooj. Yes, and do not forget to add in her ideal bhai dooj gift & diwali gift express delivery that you have got for her. This Bhai Dooj, why not try making things special for her in the best way. Go ahead and plan the celebrations in a fun manner. This is all to strengthen the bond that you share!!!

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