Launch a Video Conferencing App like Zoom and Enable Instant Communication for Users

Launch a Video Conferencing App like Zoom and Enable Instant Communication for Users
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If there is one platform that has defeated every other competitor in the market, it must be Zoom. The American video conferencing app was a big hit in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It helped millions of users through its real-time communication features. However, the Zoom platform is still growing quickly in 2021. Importantly, it is adding more functionalities to overtake its rivals. 

What is the latest news related to the Zoom phenomenon?

  • Zoom released a new Android app for Chromebook laptops on June 29, 2021. Users can install the Progressive Web Application (PWA) on their devices. They will utilize features like access to a whiteboard, background masking, customizable Gallery View, live transcription, a raise hand mechanism, and screen sharing of content. 
  •  The American video conferencing platform has added the Philippine Time Zone for easy scheduling of online meetings. Interestingly, this new feature was included by Zoom just 4 hours after a Filipino user had requested it via the online feedback system. Hence, members of the Zoom app can attend video meetings easily during the GMT+8 time zone from 4 countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore). 
  • Zoom is expecting a humongous second-quarter revenue of
    $985 million to $990 million. Positive factors like hybrid working and an increasing number of users will boost the American platform’s growth in 2021. It is predicting a yearly revenue of almost $4 billion (50% growth).        
  • Users can now download the new Zoom app from the Windows 11 store owned by Microsoft. People can install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the “High Productivity” section.   

What is the meaning of a Zoom clone app?

  • Entrepreneurs need not spend a huge amount of resources to build a world-class Video Conferencing app like Zoom. They can approach a skilled app development company for creating an affordable and customized Zoom clone app.
  • The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the white-label Zoom clone script is that it can be quickly deployed in the market. Techpreneurs will receive benefits like an increase in downloads, traffic, and user activity in no time.
  • A tailor-made Video Conferencing app like Zoom includes well-functioning Android and iOS apps for admins, hosts, and users. People can directly enter a Video meeting via the modern web panel (without needing to sign up). A robust admin dashboard shares real-time alerts about the daily business operations. 
  • A state-of-the-art Zoom clone script contains various components for conducting webinars, interacting via Phone and Rooms, participating in online events via OnZoom, private chatting, and video meetings.  

What are the fantastic features of the Zoom Clone Script?

Beauty Filter option – Employees who are working from home (WFH) can use this great feature to look highly presentable. Hence, they will gain more admiration and respect from their colleagues during a video conference. Users can tap the “Touch Up My Appearance” feature. They can choose any filter and enhance their background, colour, and skin tone. 

Breakout Rooms facility – This is a lucrative feature especially when a host is conducting a video meeting with more than 300 people. They can split the entire online interaction into small meetings (50 participants each). Hosts can select either the automatic option or manual option. Later, they can seamlessly switch between different video conferencing sessions. 

Cloud Storage facilities – Users can back up their video meetings securely in any cloud platform. They can store the data in either MP4 or MP4A file formats. Further, a talented app development company will offer premium cloud storage options monthly. Specifically, unlimited storage options are available for large business enterprises. 

Flexible changing of names – This is highly useful when a person uses the Zoom clone for both official and personal work. Users who do not want to disclose their actual name can edit their profile anytime. Further, they can enter a catchy Display Name in the text bar and save it. 

Switch off Sound Notifications – Generally, users receive a loud “Ding Dong” sound whenever a new person enters a video meeting on the Zoom clone. However, people can turn off the audio notifications anytime by changing the basic settings in the “In Meeting” section. 

Hence, members of a Video Conferencing app like Zoom can experience hassle-free video communication They will not receive any alerts when a person joins or leaves an online interaction.

Reactions Button – Users who like a person’s casual joke or a speech need not appreciate them by sending a long voice message. They can utilize the Reactions option to share eye-catching emojis. It will be automatically visible to other members of the video meeting. Generally, the emojis disappear 5 seconds after a person sends them.

Social media login mechanism – An app development company allows users to instantly take part in a video meeting. People can directly sync their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

Turn on Gallery View – Users can see all the participants in a meeting (49 or less) at the same time. All the screens of other people are displayed on a real-time basis. Members of the Zoom clone can easily move between numerous pages. Later, they can press the Speaker View option to see the face of the person who is talking. 

Vanishing Pen option – This fabulous feature is particularly beneficial for employees when they do a presentation and teachers taking online classes. Users can click the Vanishing Pen to automatically highlight important text. 

Besides that, members of the Zoom clone script can also draw objects. It erases the user-generated content after a certain duration. Hence, this offers more convenience as people need not remove their markings every time. 

What is the cost of creating a Video Conferencing app like Zoom?

An app development company splits the budget for establishing the Zoom clone app into various phases. The major expenses are on business analysis, market research, UI/UX designing, creation of the prototype, adding all the required features in the front-end section, setting up the back-end server, testing the performance and security, launching the video meeting solution, and conducting large-scale promotional campaigns. 

 Further, the expenditure may increase due to complex features, a greater hourly rate charged by the developers, more time taken for development, multi-platform compatibility, and the usage of an advanced tech stack.

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, Zoom has beaten tough competition from other video meeting platforms like Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. It has captured the entire video conferencing industry with its innovative business model and user-friendly features. The future of the Zoom platform will depend on how it monetizes its monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

Hence, clever entrepreneurs can take complete control of the digital world. They can join hands with an app development company now and come out with a top-notch Zoom clone app.  

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